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Students will be learning new vocabulary, decoding skills, and comprehension skills, i.e. cause/effect, mood, theme, character analysis, etc.  They will be reading personal library selections and participating in the Accelerated Reader Program. Other literature selections may include class novel studies or book groups/literacy circles. English skills will include using standard grammar, identifying the parts of speech, and writing in a variety of genres. Spelling focuses on various spelling patterns as vocabulary correlates with reading and/or frequently used words in writing.
Language Arts Links

Word Work
•  Syllables Game
•  Flip a Chip
•  Word Central
•  Synonym Toast
•  Word Family Sort
•  Word Build and Bank
•  Monster Hangman
Between the Lions Games
•  SmartMobile Alphabetizing
•  Fly By Contractions
•  Contraction Practice
•  Fearless Freida--Spelling Practice
•  Spell Check
•  Word Games

Reading Fun

* Readaquarium

* Look, Cover, Write and Check

* Word Safari

* Spelling Bee

* Word Wizard

* Wheel of Fortune

Stories Online
Scholastic News
Folk and Fairy Tales
•  Magnetic Rhymes
•  Scholastic Book Central
•  Revisewise Reading
•  Starfall-It's Fun to Read
•  Starfall- I'm Reading
•  Clifford Interactive Storybook
•  Story Scramble
• Stories
•  BAB Books Online
•  Story Place
•  Reading Room
•  Scrambled Stories
•  Beatrix Potter Stories
•  Sunshine Online

*Gullah Tales

•  Revisewise Writing
•  Wacky Web Tales
•  Writing an Acrostic Poem
•  Letter Generator
•  Comic Creator
•  Write a Stapleless Book

  Funny Fill-in-the-Blank

  Funny Photo Fill-Ins

  Mystery Photos

  Visual Puzzlers and Word Searches


Editing and Reference
•  Kidspace
•  Reference to Go
•  Proofreading Makes Perfect
•  Power Proofreading

•  Maggie's Earth Adventures
•  Compound Words
•  Grammar Blast
•  Revisewise Grammar

* Grammar Games
Punctuation Paintball  Commas in Quotations
Quotation Quiz
 Power Proofreading 
 Parts of Speech -
Compound Sentences 
Parts of a Sentence 
 The Plural Girls
 Synonyms, homonyms, and antonyms
Subject-Verb Agreement Choose the Correct Verb Form
Choose the Correct Form of the Verb  
Verb Power  
Subject and Verb Agreement

  Ball Hogs

  Grammar Ninja