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Unit Plan For Geography 

Title: Five Themes of Geography

Author: Jeff Gentry

Summary of Unit: Through the study of the five themes of geography, students will use a variety of higher level interdisciplinary skills that will enhance and enrich the curriculum in the regular classroom.

Grade Level: 5th

Learning Objectives:

· Reading: Students will read a wide variety of materials including informational text, short stories, scavenger hunts, and reference materials.

· Science and Technology: Using geography Web Quests and scavenger hunts, students will learn basic research skills that they will apply using a variety of technologies. The Web Quest will be adapted for appropriate age levels by the teacher.

· Math: Students will use a variety of math skills during this unit to include: coordinate graphing (longitude and latitude), scales and measurements, estimation, time, distance, and speed of travel.

· Social Studies: Students will have a deeper understanding of the world around them by applying the skills and knowledge gained during this unit.

Time Duration: 4.5 weeks

Activities and Procedures: A variety of activities to include Web Quest, Power Point, scavenger hunts, Inspiration, and learning games.

Conclusions: Students will exit this unit with a basic understanding of the research process and the basic concepts involved in geography.