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 Famous Historical Figures in American History
  • What obstacles did your character have to overcome in life?

  • How did your characterdisplay positive character traits of cooperation, diligence, courage, and leadership?

  • How did your character use positive character traits to support their beliefs in liberty, justice, tolerance, and freedom of conscience and expression?

A  good biography brings the person to life . . .
makes us care about what she or he did with time and opportunity. 
McKenzie, 2009

McKenzie's Biography Maker

Frederick Douglas


Frederick Douglas - Father of the Civil Right's Movement

Frederick Douglas 1818-1865

Frederick Douglas' Escape from Slavery

A Timeline of Frederick Douglas' Life

Frederick Douglas - A Virtual Museum Exhibit

Frederick Douglas - American Abolitionist

Frederick Douglas - a good overview of his life

Frederick Douglas - from slave to leader

Paul Revere:

Paul Revere

A Timeline of Paul Revere

Paul Revere - his place in history

Paul Revere's True Account of the Midnight Ride

Conflict and Revolution

Pictures of Paul Revere

Paul Rever's Ride as Told by Him

Watch a short video of Paul Revere's Ride

Cesar Chavez:

Cesar Chavez

Who was Cesar Chavez?

Cesar Chavez Grows Up

Cesar Chavez Gains Grounds for Farmers

Cesar Chavez Organizes Farm Workers

A Timeline of Cesar Chavez

Photo Gallery for Cesar Chavez

Videos of Cesar Chavez

The Fight in the Fields (the story of Cesar Chavez) from PBS

Susan B. Anthony:


Biography of Susan B. Anthony


Timeline of Women's Suffrage Events

Images of Susan B. Anthony

Pictures from the Women's Suffrage Movement

Susan B. Anthony, Woman's Suffrage Pioneer

From the Diary of Susan B. Anthony (when President Lincoln was assassinated)

Not for Ourselves Alone -the video story of Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Stanton

Women of the Hall of Fame

 Franklin D. Roosevelt:


An Overview of his Life and Career

Roosevelt's Love of Stamps

Roosevelt's Fireside Chats

Franklin D. Roosevelt - from the White House

What did he accomplish while in office?

Quotes from Franklin D. Roosevelt

Eleanor Roosevelt:


Who was Eleanor Roosevelt?

Quotes from Eleanor Roosevelt

Anna Eleanor Roosevelt from the White House

Great Speeches in History

Pictures of Eleanor

Eleanor Roosevelt - America's Most Influential First Lady

Lyndon B. Johnson:

Lyndon B. Johnson - a biography from the White House

LBJ for Kids - from the Lyndon B. Johnson Presidential Library

Timeline of LBJ's Life

LBJ and Civil Rights

Lyndon B. Johnson - an overview from PBS

LBJ - a condensed oveview of his life

Lyndon B. Johnson  - biography from Ducksters

Mary Bethune McCleod:


Who was Mary Bethune McCleod?

Teacher Hero - Mary Bethune McCleod

A Reporter's Interview with MaryBethune McCleod

Mary McCleod's LIfe History in Pictures

A Timeline for Mary Bethune McCleod

Quotes by Mary Bethune McCleod

Thurgood Marshall:


Thurgood Marshall - his contributions

Who was Thurgood Marshall?

A Career in Law

Briggs to Brown - the case that changed education for African Americans

Today in History - Thurgood Marshall Sworn-in

Thurgood Marshall Photo Gallery

SS3H2 The student will discuss the lives of Americans who expanded people’s rights and freedoms in a democracy.

a. Paul Revere (independence), Frederick Douglass (civil rights), Susan B. Anthony (women’s rights), Mary McLeod Bethune (education), Franklin D. Roosevelt (New Deal and World War II), Eleanor Roosevelt (United Nations and human rights), Thurgood Marshall (civil rights), Lyndon B. Johnson (Great Society and voting rights), and Cesar Chavez (workers’ rights).

b. Explain social barriers, restrictions, and obstacles that these historical figures had to overcome and describe how they overcame them.
 SS3G1 The student will locate major topographical features.

c. Locate the equator, prime meridian, and lines of latitude and longitude on a globe.

SS3G2 The student will describe the cultural and geographic systems associated with the historical figures in SS3H2a.

a. Identify on a political map specific locations significant to the life and times of these historic figures.

b. Describe how place (physical and human characteristics) had an impact on the lives of these historic figures.

c. Describe how each of these historic figures adapted to and was influenced by his/her environment.

d. Trace examples of travel and movement of these historic figures and their ideas across time.

e. Describe how the region in which these historic figures lived affected their lives and had an impact on their cultural identification.

SS3CG2 The student will discuss the character of different historical figures in SS3H2a.

a. Describe how the different historical figures in SS3H2a display positive character traits of cooperation, diligence, courage, and leadership.

b. Explain how the historical figures in SS3H2a used positive character traits to support their beliefs in liberty, justice, tolerance, and freedom of conscience and expression.

c. Explain how the historical figures in SS3H2a chose when to respect and accept authority.

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