Jeff Hunt – North Forsyth Middle School



            Jeff Hunt, principal of North Forsyth Middle School, has always enjoyed interacting with people.  As a result of this, he knew that teaching would be a great profession. When he was at Louisiana State University he received his Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education, followed by his Masters is Educational Administration from Georgia State University.  Mr. Hunt spent five years in Clayton County teaching social studies before making the move to administration.  He spent three years as an Assistant Principal and then four more as a Principal at two different high schools.  Until North Forsyth Middle all of his prior administrative experience had been in high school.

            Mr. Hunt loves North Middle school for many reasons, but the sense of community is the biggest thing that stands out to him.  “Everyone is connected and supportive of one another,” he said.  “The community serves the school well, and the school, in turn, is a reflection of this great community."   Mr. Hunt is proud to be a leader of such a fine school, and to be a part of a system like Forsyth County.  He believes that the community and quality of employees sets Forsyth County apart.  “I am humbled by the knowledge and vast expertise of the leaders in this system; to be a part of this team is truly a privilege.  I love the fact that Forsyth County Schools relies on a vision, created with the community, in making decisions - most all organizations claim to do that - FCS means it.  Our charge at North Middle is to follow this example and continue to earn the trust that this learning community has so graciously bestowed upon our school."