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Cash Verification & Reimbursement Procedures




The following procedures should be used for submitting revenues from an event or requesting reimbursement for an expense.


Please email or call Dick Workman (dickworkman@bellsouth.net, 770-622-5002)  with any questions. Thank you. J


To submit REVENUES from an event or program:

1)      Count the funds.

2)      Have a 2nd person count the funds.

3)     Complete the Cash Verification form. Please be sure to list the Activity (ie. Membership) so we are clear as to where the money originated. Note: Both parties should sign the form in the verification section after completing.

4)     Where multiple activities are included (ie. Membership and RMS car magnets), please show separate totals for each activity.

5)     Please attach a written list for all checks.  Show check # and amount.  This can be done on the back of the Cash Verification form.

6)     Contact Dick to make arrangements to hand over the funds. For security reasons PLEASE DO NOT leave any funds in the PTSA mailbox.  If Dick is unavailable another Executive Board Member may take the cash from you.

7)     If you would like to keep a copy of the form for your records, please feel free!



1)      Complete a Check Request form. Under the “Purpose” section please indicate the budget line item for the expense.

2)      Receipts MUST be attached for the amount requested.

3)     If requesting pre-payment on an item, please call a PTSA Board Member for pre-approval. If pre-approval is given, please be sure to note on the Check Request Form the person to whom you spoke and the date of the conversation.

4)     Check Requests must be approved by the appropriate committee chair, vice president and president.

5)     Be sure to keep a copy of the Check Request form and the receipt(s) for your records.




Last Modified on August 1, 2013