Carpe Diem Yearbook News


Order a Yearbook:  Place an on-line order at from August 2015-March 31, 2016, and pay with a credit card.  The school ID number is 15157. Or, students can stop by the Yearbook workroom (131) to pay during fourth period lunch. Students can pay in person with a check (payble to NFHS Yearbook) or bring cash.   Yearbook prices are $100.  We do not order extra copies--when they're gone, they're gone.
Interested in joining Yearbook staff?  Complete the attached application and submit with 2 references by February 29.  Applications are not considered after that date. 
Enjoy EXCITING New Yearbook Features:  Staff will include two new features this year; both are included in the cost of the yearbook. Download the free aps.
         Aurasma:  Hover a smartphone over the QR code and watch streaming video!
         PlusOne:  Download ONE time to ONE device the entire yearbook!
Questions?  Contact the Carpe Diem Advisor:  Vanessa Behler  770-781-6637, x160248
Earlier Events
November 7.
Club Photo Day occurred during the Instructional Focus period. Club members will go to the Old Gym at the scheduled time for a posed picture. A schedule of photo times will be posted on itslearning. Arrive wearing your club's t-shirt.  Be on time for the pictures as there are 70+ clubs to be phototographed.  We cannot wait for late arrivals.
October 7.
Make-up day for Underclassmen PICTURES:  Wednesday, October 7, during Instructional Focus, students who were absent on the scheduled picture day may travel to the old gym for a portrait.  Teachers will be provided a list of absent students.  Students are eligible for retakes if they 1) purchased a package on picture day, 2) come prepared with a $5 retake fee and 3) bring the original picture package. The photographer reserves the right to refuse the retake if the student is not prepared.
September 16 and 17.
Underclassmen Picture Day:  Wednesday and Thursday, September 16 and 17, are picture days for freshmen, sophomore, and juniors.  Use the envelope provided students or print the picture order form.  School pictures will appear in the yearbook whether purchased or not. 
September 16 and 17.
Vote for Yearbook Senior Superlatives:  September 16 and 17, seniors travel with English classes to the old gym to participate in final voting.  The CountyBoard of Elections will provide voting machines. (All other classes will take school pictures those days in the gym, and vote for homecoming court and class officers.) 
August 28, 2015.
Schedule a Senior Portrait:  Contact (770-317-5599) to schedule a free formal and informal portrait. (You may, of course, purchase any portraits you like.) Our contracted photographer formats and compiles these images especially for us.  The deadline to schedule a Senior Portrait is August 28. Due to contracted publishing deadlines with our printer, we unfortunately can't guarantee that portraits taken after this date will be pubished in the yearbook. 
August 27, 2015.
Last Call for Senior Pictures:  If you haven't had your portrait made OR scheduled an appointment with Lily McGregor Photography, there is one on-site opportunity.  Thursday, August 27, the school's contracted photographer will be on site from 1:00-4:30 in the old gym to take a single formal and a single casual pose for yearbook purposes; there is no cost to the student.  Girls should bring with them a top with spaghetti straps.  Important Note:  Seniors will not be dismissed from class to take pictures.