Adventure for Everyone!
June 13th ~ June 16th
Join us for an adventure of a lifetime! We have courses for EVERYONE!
Technology, Programming, Art, Robotics, Science, Engineering....
We have it all!
Camp Payment
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Adventure for Everyone!
Grades K- 8th
Within a few days of registering, you will receive a confirmation email noting the status of your registration and information regarding payment. 
Payment for courses must be received within two weeks of registration.
Following the two week payment deadline, any unpaid
course slots will be opened to those students
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Registration for Tech Camp will close at the end of the
business day on May 27th.
Please read this page prior to registration.
This page contains helpful information about
courses, cancellations, and expectations.
 Students in grades K-8 may register for two sessions.
Students may attend one morning session and one afternoon session.
One session will cost $150.
Add a second session for $50 more!
Four full days of camp -
8:00am until 5:00pm
will cost a total of
 $200 per student. 
 To register for camp, 
You may pay with a check or online.


STEM Camp Course Descriptions

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Grade levels listed are for current grade in this 2015-2016 school year.




Course Descriptions:


Riding the STEM Carousel!!

Grades: K-2

Description: This year, we will offer a rotation for our K-2 campers that will combine six STEM courses packed with fun and challenging activities. They will experience three of the classes during the  Monday/Wednesday sessions and the remaining three classes during the Tuesday/Thursday sessions to insure maximum exposure to a variety of learning. If you sign up for full-day, campers will have different activities in the morning and afternoon. The six courses are as follows:

·         Kitchen Chemistry / Cooking

Description: Every family has its own personal chemistry lab--and it's usually the most popular room in the house. The trouble is, many of us don't realize what we're doing every day. When we toast bread, bake brownies, or pop popcorn – it's chemistry! We will address a food-related science question with simple explanations and hands-on experiments. We'll learn some fun things about science and, you never know, your kids MAY just want to cook dinner for you!

·         Icky, Creepy and Just Plain Gross Science Projects

Description:  Call it the EWWW factor, but nothing is more fun than getting your hands dirty while learning about science. We will use technology to research answers to questions about science then conduct some pretty gross experiments to test our findings.


·         Sunny Art Camp

Description:  This will be a fun and exciting art camp and a chance to learn all about the sunny summer sun! We will incorporate science, technology, and math by learning all about the sun. We will incorporate the art component of STEM (STEAM!) by creating some really cool arts and crafts projects with the sun theme in mind!  Some of the projects may include tissue paper art, cotton ball art, painting, and much more!  This camp will give you a chance to be creative, express yourself using different types of media, and think outside the box!  You won’t want to miss the Sunny Summer STEAM Art Camp at Whitlow this summer!  It’s going to be SUNsational!


·        Learn and Play with Award Winning Educational Tech Toys

Description:  Wants to have fun with the latest Hi-Tech award winning educational gazettes? Become an inventor using your imagination and with these magnetized snap-together electronic blocks (Little Bits).  You can create cars that run, whirling devices, tickle machine, art bot and more. Wants to experience something entirely different designed to combine physical learning with digital learning then come play with Osmo! It interacts with iPad like nothing we’ve seen before. Osmo fosters learning in key areas such creative thinking, art and STEM. Meet Sphero-the app enabled ball that does it all. It teaches you coding, problem solving and reason skills.


·       Little Inventors, Big Challenges

Description: If you love to be creative and invent new things, then this camp is for you! Campers will be given an inventors box full of goodies to complete a variety of fun and hands on STEM challenges. Some of these challenges include Giant Marble Mazes, Pom Pom Drops, Junk Boat Races, Pasta Towers, Bubble Wands, and Paper Flyers.


·         Camp Chemistry

Description: Calling all junior scientists! Come take a wild ride as we explore the exciting field of chemistry! Young scientists will make sticky ice, use litmus paper, create bubble sculptures, wake-up fungus, and much more! How about creating your own paper-mache volcano and then exploding it? Roll up your sleeves for some fun!



Other Course Descriptions:


Course name: Whiz Kid Robotics

Grades: 2-4

Sessions: both

Description:  Create, build, program, problem-solve, learn code, design, communicate, collaborate, and discover how to be an expert and leader in technology!  This is a great introductory level club to make new friends and network with other kids who have similar interests.  Whiz Kids will experience a little bit of everything in the fields of technology and engineering including Lego WeDo, Sphero, Ozobots, Coding, Scratch, Lego and KNEX free build, Lego NXT, RoboSapien, Snap Circuits, Sphero, Lego Story Visualizer, and My Lego Network to name a few.  Each club day will begin with short, teacher guided lessons.  These daily lessons will be followed up with plenty of time for camp goers to explore their own interests with supplied equipment and software.  Various related apps will also be explored (on personal and school devices). 



Name:  Scratch Programming

Session: both

Grades:  2-5 in AM, 4-8 in PM

Description: SCRATCH is a programming language that allows you to create your own interactive stories, animations, games, music, and art. The topics in this class will address three different levels of learners: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.  Scratch can be downloaded for FREE from the following web page:   The kids all LOVE this class! Come learn how to program; create art, stories, or animations; or just play games!


Course Name: Shaping Ideas into Reality with 3D Modeling

Grades: 3-8

Session: morning

Description: Do you have a product idea you want to create, or even send to a 3D printer? Do you love concept design, character art, or just visualizing your ideas in 3D space? In this course, we're going to take a look at how you can do all of that by learning the basics of 3D modeling. You will create amazing designs using Google Sketch Up. You will draw simple 3D objects, move around your scene, and animate your ideas.


Course Name:  Urban Infrastructure

Grades:  4-8

Session: both

Description:  Come enjoy an exciting week of STEM where students will learn about the socioeconomic, environmental, and engineering challenges of designing an urban infrastructure. We will be planning, designing, and creating a physical or virtual model of a “dream school” where students can incorporate all that they’ve learned about sustainability. This STEM camp is based on a curriculum created by Discovery Education.


Course Name:  Upcycle Treasures

Grades:  3-5

Sessions:  both

Description:  Upcycle Treasures is a great way to reuse materials and reduce our footprint on the Earth. Through the STEM process we will use math equations and nature walks to find and use everyday items that you would normally throw away and make them one-of-a-kind masterpieces. Each day we will make a new treasure that can be used to decorate your bedroom, give as gifts, or just to say you made that treasure! Modge podge, old books, scraps of cloth, wood, rocks, old cans, and chalk paint will be your new best friends.  If you love to recycle and make crafts, then Upcycle Treasures is for you!!!


Course Description: Wet and Wild ~ Fun with Water

Grades: 2-5

Sessions: both

Description: Have you ever made waves in a pool and wondered how the waves of the ocean develop? Have you ever walked down to the beach and questioned why the water is sometimes close to the dunes or really far away? Well this STEM camp is for you! In this fun and beachy STEM camp we will learn about the ocean waves, why there are high tides and low tides, and all about surface and under water currents. We will build our own waves and conduct an experiment on the tides of the ocean! To celebrate all of our hard work, we will also be enjoying a yummy beachy treat and maybe get a little wet!


Course Name; Robotics Make-n-take: Solar Fleet

Session: morning

Grades: 2-6

Description: Take a trip to space and explore with the Solar Fleet! This is a lunar module kit that is charged by the sun. Students will build the space station, robot, rover, vehicle, astronaut, shuttle, and dog. Throughout the week, students will also learn basic building and programming skills using a variety of robotics kits (including OWI, Lego Mindstorms, and VEX) and computer programming. Activities will vary by age and ability. By the end of the week, they will have their very own Robotics Solar Fleet to take home with them to continue learning about robotics in their world.

There is an additional $30 supply fee for this course.


Course Name: Robotics Make-n-take: 14 in 1 Solar Robot

Grades: 2-6 

Session: afternoon

Description:  Take a trip around town in auto-bot, surf-bot, zombie-bot, turtle-bot, or any of the other 14 bots you will make this week. Each bot will be used in various challenges and races. In addition to building with the kit, we will also explore the programming aspects of robotics as we learn basic coding skills. At the end of the week, you will a multi-functional robot to take home with you plus the knowledge to continue coding!

There is an additional $30 supply fee for this course.


Course Name: Tech Savvy Girls

Grades: 5-8

Session: afternoon

Description: This camp class will inspire, educate, and equip young ladies with the computing skills to pursue 21st century opportunities. This course is based off the program, Girls Who Code. Come join us. Who knows, you may be the next computer scientist?


Course Name:  Where’s Architect Alvin?

Grades:  2-5

Session:  morning

Description: Architect Alvin loves traveling around the world spying beautiful places!  Where will Alvin show up?  During this camp, students will travel to different places and learn about some cool architecture (How tall? When was it built? How long did it take?)  from countries all over the world on their own canvas to take home.  Students will paint, draw, and color famous places and features from all over the world… from roller coasters to castles to The Leaning Tower of Pisa! (Additional $20 art supply fee)


Course Name: Computer Programming Unplugged

Grades: 2-5

Session: morning

Description: For the beginner programmer. Learn the language of computers and how messages are sent (codes, pictures, even letters). After working offline we will culminate online learning code through light


Course Description: STEM Spa Beauty Chemistry

Grades: 3-5

Sessions: Both

Description:  Are you all into fashion and beauty?  Pampering yourself?  Then this is the club for you.  With common household items, we will make a variety of beauty products…nail polish/stickers, bath bombs, salt scrub, lip gloss, and more.  These products will be sure to please.  Keep them for yourself, give them as a gift, stock up to have your own spa party.  Come join the fun!


Course Name: Robotics and Legos

Grades: 3-8

Session: both

Description: Do like legos? Do you like building things? Do you like robots that move? Then this is class is just for you! We will be building robots with legos and programming them to complete team challenges. The challenges will range from driving, golfing to responding to sensors. All of this will be done with NXT Lego Mindstorms.


Course Name:  Lights, Camera, Action!

Grades:  2-5

Session:  both

Description:  Dive into the movie making process as your team collaborates to create a stop motion animation movie.  Write your own scripts, create storyboards, design and build characters, learn basic filming techniques, work with sound and voice, and finish the week with post production effects and a movie premier! 


Course Name: PETacular Fun with STEM
Grades: 3-5

Session: both

Description: All areas of STEM will be addressed with measuring and estimating material needs, making a treat catapult, designing puzzle toys for pets, making a cat scratching post with repeated cardboard shapes, braiding, tying, and no sew toys. If you love pets, this class is for you! Come join the fun!


Course Name: CSI Whitlow!

Grades: 6-8

Session: both 

Description:  Become a Crime Scene Investigator and examine the process of how, through investigation and observation, ideas and information become knowledge and understanding.  Students will go on a journey through observing behavior, collecting clues, investigating relationships, finding patterns and considering the possibilities. We will end the week with a simulated crime scene to see which team can gather clues and use what they’ve learned to solve the crime!

Course Name:  Sports Science

Grades: 3-5

Session:  both

Description:  Do you like to play sports? Do you like to do science? Well, this is the class for you! An example of an experiment is the Sweaty Egg that will show how being hot and sweaty affects the body and the importance of drinking lots of water, as told by professional football players. After finding our results, we will then put our experiments to the test and play the sport! Each day we will have a new experiment and sport. So join Sports Science today and find out what everyone is cheering about!

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