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Language Links

* Reading Fun

* Readaquarium

  • Funny Photo Fill-Ins
  • Mystery Photos

  • Math Links

    Games and Resources for our math book can be found at: Houghton Mifflin

    Number Sense
    Counting by 2's, 5's, and 10's
    Splat Squares- 100's chart
    Numbers in Expanded Form
    Expanded Numbers
    Base Ten Blocks
    Spooky Sequences-by 2's
    Spooky Sequences- by 5's
    Give the Dog a Bone
    Ghost Blasters-Operation Even
    Ghost Blasters-Operation Odd
    Color Patterns
    Crack Hacker's Safe-Number Patterns
    Number Cracker
    Cookie Dough
    Skip Counting Game-Any Multiple

    * Rainforest Math

    * Toon University Place Value and More

    Create a Graph
    Gere's Bike Shop
    Matching Graphs
    Reading Graphs
    Bar and Pie Graphs

    Comparing Numbers
    Wabbit Words
    Compare It
    Alligator Lunch
    Comparing Numbers
    More Than Marsh
    Less Than Lake

    Ordinal Numbers
    Roller Coaster
    Get in Line
    Cats in Line
    Squigly's Apples

    Online Practice
    Addition Hidden Picture
    Math Mastery
    Math-O: Addition
    Addition Concentration
    Math Magician
    Speed Grid Challenge-Level 1
    Speed Grid Challenge-Level 2
    Speed Grid Challenge-Level 3
    Single Digit Addition
    Math Baseball
    Double Digit Addition
    Addition Quizzer-Double Digits

    * Frog Hopper

    *Toy Theater
    * Play a game of pool. See if you can figure out the angles in these math games!

    Money Games
    Counting Change
    Adding Coins
    Spending Spree
    Coin Tutorials
    Learn to Count Money
    Online Practice
    Money Flashcards
    Piggy Bank Game
    Change Maker

    S.S. & Science Links

    Our World
    The 4 Oceans
    Continents and Oceans Game
    The Continents
    Maps and Globes
    World Maps
    World Almanac for Kids
    The Continents from A-Z
    World Geography Library
    England Links
    United States
    All About Virginia
    State Websites
    State Bird Songs
    Virginia Facts
    Virginia Kids
    VA Flag
    Explore the States

    * Gerorgia Facts

    Communities and Long Ago
    Explore this House
    Life in Colonial Williamsburg

    Ben's Guide to Government
    White House for Kids
    American Presidents
    If You Were President
    Be President for the Day

    Ancient China
    Loogootee Studies China
    Kids Konnect: China
    Daily Life in Ancient China
    Sagwa's Web Quest
    Welcome to China
    Great Wall: Panoramic View

    Magnets and Springs

    Solids, Liquids, and Gases
    States of Matter
    Solids and Liquids
    Matter Experiment
    Gases Around Us

    Famous Americans
    Famous People in History
    People in History
    Famous Americans
    Multicultural Heroes
    George Washington
    Abraham Lincoln
    Martin Luther King, Jr.
    MLK Legacy
    Jackie Robinson
    Susan B. Anthony
    Helen Keller

    National Zoo
    Butterflies and Bugs
    Insect Cabinet
    Monarch Life Cycle
    Chick and Duck Hatching
    Chick Hatchery
    Herman the Worm
    Frog Life Cycle

    Life Cycles
    Animal Adaptations
    Be a Habitat Hero
    Animal Bytes
    Animals: Get the Facts

    Weather Wiz Kids
    Weather Together
    Interactive Weather Maker
    Water Cycle
    Weather Dude Basics
    Water Cycle
    Web Weather for Kids
    Zoom Water Cycle

    Marshall Elem. Weather

    Plant Parts
    Helping Plants Grow
    Backyard Plants
    Growing Plants
    Plants and Animals
    Botanists in Training
    Plant Life Cycles Video
    Kids' Valley Garden
    Plants and Our Environment
    A Year in the Life of a Tree

    Search Engines for Kids
    Ask Jeeves for Kids

    Miscellaneous Links

    Quick Links
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