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    Throughout the 2011-12 school year, a group of FCS employees from various schools and departments served on a committee named Positively Forsyth. This committee's task was to define FCS' culture and customer service to make it the BEST school district in the universe!  The Positively Forsyth committee reviewed exemplar culture and customer service models from service, travel, entertainment and retail businesses, and held a mirror up to FCS in relation to these standards. Additionally, the committee reviewed FCS' vision, mission and beliefs, and defined the organization's culture and customer service core values:  

    Forsyth County Schools is a family that values our rich history by being committed investors in our future. We intentionally model our:

    ACTIONSWe listen, affirm, respond, and adapt.
    ATTITUDESWe are approachable, sincere, encouraging, and flexible.
    AFFILIATIONSWe promote team work through personal connections, shared responsibility, genuine feedback and continuous growth.


    To put the district's core values into practice, the Positively Forsyth committee created customer service guidelines for:

    email face to face phone


    Lastly, the committee developed a plan for 2012-13 to communicate, train, evaluate and recognize FCS staff within the philosophy, standards and expectations of Positively Forsyth. CLICK HERE to review.


    Positively Forsyth was presented to adminstrators at their 2012 Leadership Retreat. CLICK HERE to review the presentation.  

    For more information or to share feedback on Positively Forsyth, CLICK HERE!