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 Teachers have been trained and have set up their itsLearning courses.  Many started using itsLearning to keep you informed from day one!    Teachers courses now have a more uniformed look for you as you begin to familiarize yourself with itsLearning.    


1.  What is itsLearning?

ItsLearning is a learning management system (online platform) that allows teachers to have an online component alongside their traditional instruction.  Not only can teachers post classroom content but they may also have students participate in online discussions, submit assignments, complete assessments, and create content.  ItsLearning is also a communication tool for administrators, teachers, students, and parents.  Additionally, teachers can utilize the recommendation engine to provide students with either remediation or enrichment on course standards.



2.  What can I do as a parent?

In all courses, parents can monitor content assigned to their children through itsLearning.  Parents can find this content in each course Lesson Planner, Tree Link, in the Latest Changes section for newly updated material, and possibly linked to a HW assignment if that assignment has been previously uploaded by the teacher. Parents can check the Lesson Planner section for class goals being covered for that day or over several days, class resources, class activities, and for information about upcoming tests, projects, and quizzes.  The Calendar / Event section also contains HW assignments and upcoming events.  Parents and students can subscribe to the calendar to bring these events directly to their smart phone or tablet calendars.  Parents may find bulletins or reminders in individual courses.  Parents can also find links to valuable resources that students may need throughout the year. This can include on-line text books if available and more.  ItsLearning also has a secure messaging system to communicate with your child’s teachers.  If a parent visits their child’s dashboard, they can actually see all calendar items and events from all courses in one combined section.  The same is true for the latest changes. J  The Piney Grove Dashboard also displays information found on the PGMS website, Facebook, and Twitter.



3.  How do I get there?

Go to or visit our Piney Grove web site and use the quick link to access itslearning.  In the future, parents will login with their Parent Portal username and password.  If you do not have a Parent Portal account, please visit the PGMS front office to set up your account.  Don’t forget to bring your picture ID.  At this time, itslearning is awaiting updates that will make interaction in the system better for parents.  So here at the Grove we are asking that you log into itslearning with your child’s username and password.  Be sure to ask your child for that information. Mr. Wiles and Mrs. Deuschle will be available in the Atrium on both Curriculum Nights to assist you in retrieving that information.  Having this information and checking it regularly is vital for helping your child succeed to the fullest at Piney Grove.



4.  Do I still need to go to Parent Portal?

Yes.  Parents will still navigate to Parent Portal to view grades for their child. Over time, itslearning will be a one-stop shop for Parents.  However, for the 2014-2015 school year parents will still go to Parent Portal to view student grades and attendance.





5.  Where can I find more information?

1.  Mr. Wiles and Mrs. Deuschle will be recording a webinar and posting it on all of our social media outlets. (PGMS Webpage, Facebook, Twitter, and itsLearning)  You will be able to access at your leisure and see if it answers all of your questions.

2.  Mr. Wiles and Mrs. Deuschle will also be providing (3) face to face itsLearning / Parent Portal trainings.  These will be held on (2) Saturday mornings and (1) Thursday evening. These dates will be posted and delivered in an eflyer in the near future. These sessions will also be broadcast live to anyone that sends an email requesting to be a part of the session.




If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact Mr. Wiles or Mrs. Deuschle through one of the methods below.


Jim Wiles    678-965-5010  Ext.381588


Kristen Deuschle    678-965-5010  Ext. 381582