Listed below are the 18 events in the 2015 Georgia Science Olympiad. Use the sites below to help study both "research" and "building" events. Happy Exploring!   Here are some additional sites that may be useful. If you know of any other sites/activities that would be helpful, please send them to me! Please note I have not previewed/created all of the content on these sites.
If you encounter anything inappropriate, let me know immediately!

Barge Building

 Barge Building Photos
Float my Boat
Barge Building Practice
Barging Along

Bridge Building 

  PBS Building Big

BIG Bridge Challenge

Build the Bridge Design Squad


Don’t Bug Me

 Practice Test 

Wonderful World of Insects

Entomology Wiki

Sample Questions

Elements, Compounds, Mixtures

Quizlet Vocabulary


Printable Vocabulary Flashcards


CHEM4Kids Periodic Table and the Elements


Study Jams: Periodic Table, Elements and Compounds and Mixtures

Bitesize Elements,Compounds, Mixtures

Elements Compounds Mixtures PPT

Grasp a Graph 

Pinterest Grasp a Graph

Let's Graph It!


CyberChase Graphing

TONS of graphing practice 

Mystery Architecture

Base Shapes 

Mystery Architecture Tasks

Mystery Architecture Tips 

Architecture Designs for Kids

 No Bones About It!

Paper Rockets

Bill Nye Flight-YouTube video

Paper Rockets 

Rock Hound

 Quizlet Flashcards

Rocks for Kids

Identifying Minerals

Interactive Rock Cycle 

Save our Earth

Global Warming

Endangered Species

Interactive Games 


Cool Environmental Links

Kids Page

Simple Machines

Quizlet Flashcards


Simple Machines Learning Site

Inventor's Toolbox

MiKids Simple Machines

Beacon Learning Center Simple Machines

Dirtmeister's Science Reporter

Starry Starry Night

Quizlet Vocabulary Practice 

Moon Phases

Kids Astronomy

NASA for Kids

Study Jams 

Straw Egg Drop

eHow Straw Egg Drop Design

Straw Egg Drop Video-YouTube video

Pinterest Ideas

Straw Tower

Tall Tower Challenge

eHow Straw Tower Tips


Water Rockets

NASA Water Rocket 


Water Rocket Tips Division B/C Tips 

Weather or Not

Quizlet Flashcards

Weather Instruments

Weather Whiz Kids

Which Way is North

        Types of Maps       

Types of Maps Video


Interactive US map

Quiz Whiz Geography 

 Wildlife Safari

                       Fun with Food Webs

                        Food Web Hangman

                      Food Web Vocabulary

Harcourt Food Web