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Overview of the First Grade Curriculum: 

Our curriculum is guided by the Common Core Georgia Performance Standards.

Language Arts

Developing literacy and fostering a love of reading and writing occupy a large part of the first grade day. We explore language in many ways. Reading, writing, speaking, and listening opportunities are presented each day. We use a variety of materials, strategies, and methods in developing literacy including: quality children’s literature, opportunities for writing and sharing, flexible grouping based on needs and interests, as well as the adopted district reading series. Phonemic awareness, phonics, sight word recognition, and related spelling as well as grammar, writing and cross curricular centers are weekly components in our Language Arts program.

The adopted district series is Harcourt Trophies reading program. It is an anthology of quality, authentic children’s literature. Through the stories, learning concepts are naturally integrated into the curriculum. Developing students who love to read and write is the ultimate goal of our first grade curriculum.


Our mathematics program is a spiraling activity-based, hands-on, minds-on program which uses many different concrete materials (i.e. dice, cubes, base ten blocks, coins, clocks, calculators) to explore important mathematical concepts. Our mathematics curriculum includes the following topics: number sense, time, money, patterns, sorting and classifying, operations and computation, geometry and spatial sense, measurement, and estimation. The primary focus of mathematics instruction is on problem solving, reasoning, and communication. Our program is based on the adopted district curriculum Houghton Mifflin Math Georgia and Math Frameworks. Our goal is for each child to develop a solid understanding of mathematical concepts, appropriate thinking and reasoning, and problem solving skills.

Science and Health

Our adopted science series is Houghton Mifflin Science.  The units are designed to correlate closely with Georgia Performance Standards.  The science and health units include topics such as: nutrition, states of matter, animals, weather and climate, magnets, and sound. These units are also taught through a hands-on child-centered approach. The students explore these topics with experiments and activities that are integrated across the curriculum.  Cumming Elementary also has outdoor garden areas that your child may have opportunities to learn more about nature (plants and animals) through hands-on experiences.

Social Studies

The first grade social studies curriculum examines the roles of people working together in homes, schools, communities, states, and countries. Our country’s symbols, landforms, and citizenship are studied throughout the year. Our neighbors in Mexico and Canada are a focus as well. Children’s literature and supplemental activities support the instruction of the first grade social studies curriculum.  Our current county-adopted Houghton Mifflin Social Studies curriculum is aligned with the Georgia Performance Standards.  Other strong features of our Social Studies curriculum are map skills, historical American heroes such as Thomas Jefferson, George Washington Carver, and Benjamin Franklin, folktales and legends, and economics.   
P.E., Music, Art, Technology, Media Center, Guidance, and Math Specials are also an important part of our first grade curriculum. Your child will enjoy a varied "Specials" rotation throughout the school year. Please familiarize yourself with your child's "Specials" schedule provided by your child's teacher.
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