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Mrs. Lyons' Top 10 Questions

1.          Who is this lady teaching my child?

My name is Shawna Lyons.  This is my 14th year of teaching.  I have  taught at Daves Creek for the past 12 years.  I have taught 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades.  I love watching my students grow and learn through out the year. 
2.           How do I spend my time outside of school?
             I enjoy spending time with my family.  Bruce, Ryan, Ansley and I like to  travel.  In fact this summer we took many trips.  Some of the places we visited were: Cambridge, Cape San Blas, LaFollette, Nashville, and Charlotte.  
            When we are not traveling, I like to bake, scrapbook, read, and attend sporting events.  I can often be found cheering on the Braves, Thrashers, Hawks, and Clemson.  Ryan and Ansley are invovled in music and dance, so I cheer them on also. 


3.            Will we have homework?

Homework is assigned on Mondays for a four-day week.  It is due the next day.  Homework includes: Spelling  Activities, AR books, Math, and Language Arts activities. 


4.  What is a STAR folder?

The STAR folder will travel back and forth from school each day.  Your student should carry important notes, money, and information in it’s pockets.  Check it everyday. 


5.                  Can students bring toys, snacks, or party invitations?

4th grade is a very important academic year for many students.  Certain items can distract children from our goals.  Please reinforce that toys stay at home.  A daily snack and water bottle can be brought for mid-morning.  (No juice boxes please, only water.)  Please make sure the snack is healthy. (No cookies or candy.)


6.             When do you do ice cream?

We will do ice cream only on Fridays in our class.  Please only send money on Friday morning.  It will not be accepted on any other day.  Ice cream is $1.00.  We will eat our ice cream at lunch.


7.          If we need to change transportation what do we do?

Please send a note in your child’s daily folder.  Remember that students are not allowed to go home on a different bus.

8.        What are the school hours?

8:20 am - 3:00 pm 


9.            How can I reach you?

-         a note in the STAR folder (#1 choice)

-         a phone call after school (770) 888-1222 EXT 170405 (any other time you can leave a voice mail)

-         E-Mail:


10.     What should I send on Thursday, the first day of school?

Any completed forms, school supplies, snack, lunch money, and your love!