Welcome to Mashburn's Special Education Department.

Mashburn is proud to have an excellent special education department supporting our students with special needs.
Our staff includes the following teachers:
Nikki Gibbons- Learning Specialist and Department Chair Ext. 750211
Marie Haley- Interrelated Teacher Ext. 750211
Julie Stephens- Interrelated Teacher Ext. 750211
Sally Bresnahan- Self Contained Autism K-2 Ext. 750138
Colleen Neubert- Self Contained Autism 3-5 Ext. 750142
Arlinda Porter- Special Needs Pre K Ext. 750142
Kelly Buchwald- Special Needs Pre K Ext. 750146

Our department also includes talented and dedicated paraprofessionals who support our students in many ways. Our paraprofessional staff includes the following members:

Jodi Brock - IRR
Carol Fort - IRR 
Debbie Coleman - with Ms. Porter
Robin Hughes - with Ms. Buchwald
Ashley Rosenbalm - with Ms. Bresnahan
Michelle Chamblee - with Ms. Neubert

If you have any questions regarding Mashburn's special education programs, please contact Nikki Gibbons Ext. 750211.