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Use these websites to review and to learn more... HAPPY SURFING!! Tell Mrs. Hoffman if you and your family have found other terrific sites so they can be added to this page.


Attention Kids!
Remember to get your parents' permission before exploring these sites! (P.S. Web addresses can change often... please email Mrs. Hoffman if you find a "dead link"--one that doesn't work properly. THANKS!)
   Reading and Language Arts Websites

Word Work
•  Syllables Game
•  Flip a Chip
•  Word Central
•  Synonym Toast
•  Word Family Sort
•  Word Build and Bank
•  Monster Hangman
Between the Lions Games
•  SmartMobile Alphabetizing
•  Fly By Contractions
•  Contraction Practice
•  Fearless Freida--Spelling Practice
•  Spell Check
•  Word Games

Reading Fun

* Readaquarium

*Look, Cover, Write and Check

*Word Safari

*Spelling Bee

*Word Wizard

*Wheel of Fortune


*Spell Check

*Alphabet Soup

*Rooting Out Words

*Escape the Maze

*Catch That Horse

*Catch that Thief

*Pre & Suff “ixes”

*Pirate Spelling

Stories Online
•  Scholastic News
Folk and Fairy Tales
•  Magnetic Rhymes
•  Scholastic Book Central
•  Revisewise Reading
•  Starfall-It's Fun to Read
•  Starfall- I'm Reading
•  Clifford Interactive Storybook
•  Story Scramble
• Stories
•  BAB Books Online
•  Story Place
•  Reading Room
•  Scrambled Stories
•  Beatrix Potter Stories
•  Sunshine Online

*Gullah Tales


Various Reading and Writing Websites
Homework Hub
•  Reading Skills
•  Read, Write, Think
•  Seussville

· What’s the Main Idea
· Reading Games for Younger Students
·Online Reading Comprehension Tests

•  Revisewise Writing
•  Wacky Web Tales
•  Writing an Acrostic Poem
•  Letter Generator
•  Comic Creator
•  Write a Stapleless Book

·  Funny Fill-in-the-Blank

·  Funny Photo Fill-Ins

·  Mystery Photos

·  Visual Puzzlers and Word Searches

·  ReadWriteThink

Editing and Reference
•  Kidspace
•  Reference to Go
•  Proofreading Makes Perfect
•  Power Proofreading

•  Maggie's Earth Adventures

*Beat the Clock Apostrophes

*Treasure Hunt Pronouns

*Going to Work with Commas

*Tense Treasure Hunt

*Grammar Gorillas

*Pronoun Reef

*Past and Future Match-Up

*Plural Play
•  Compound Words
•  Grammar Blast
•  Revisewise Grammar

* Grammar Games
· Punctuation Paintball · Commas in Quotations
·Quotation Quiz
· Power Proofreading 
· Capitalization 
· Capitilization
· Parts of Speech – *Penguins on Ice

 ·Compound Sentences 
· Parts of a Sentence 

*Adjectives and Adverbs

*Compound and Complex Sentences


*Punctuation Splat

· The Plural Girls
· Synonyms, homonyms, and antonyms
·Subject-Verb Agreement ·Choose the Correct Verb Form
·Choose the Correct Form of the Verb  
·Verb Power  
·Subject and Verb Agreement

·  Ball Hogs

*Traveling Pronouns

*Using Conjunctions

*Matching Word Golf

* Use of Punctuation

*Kung-Fu Sentences

·  Grammar Ninja


Author Links
•  Mary Pope Osborne--Magic Tree House books
•  Eric Carle--Very Hungry Caterpillar
•  Jan Brett--The Mitten
•  Beverly Cleary--Ramona stories
•  Barbara Park--Junie B. Jones series
•  Roald Dahl--Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
•  Tomie DePaola--Stega Nona
•  Judy Blume--Superfudge
•  Peggy Parish--Amelia Bedelia books
•  Marc Brown--Arthur stories
•  Theodore Geisel (Dr. Suess)
•  Ezra Jack Keats--The Snowy Day
•  Robert Munsch--Stephanie's Ponytail and other stories
•  Seymour Simon--Science books galore
•  Chris Van Allsburg--Polar Express
•  Laura Ingalls Wilder--Little House books
•  David A. Adler--Cam Jansen series
•  Robert Sabuda--The popup king!
•  Laura Numeroff--If You Give a Mouse a Cookie
•  Margaret Wise Brown--Goodnight Moon

Mike Thaler--Black Lagoon series
•  Cynthia Rylant--Henry and Mudge series
•  Ron Roy--A-Z Mysteries books
•  Learning About the Author




 Math Websites


Number Sense
•  Counting by 2's, 5's, and 10's
•  Splat Squares- 100's chart
•  Numbers in Expanded Form
•  Expanded Numbers
•  Base Ten Blocks
•  Spooky Sequences-by 2's
•  Spooky Sequences- by 5's
•  Give the Dog a Bone
•  Ghost Blasters-Operation Even
•  Ghost Blasters-Operation Odd
•  Color Patterns
•  Crack Hacker's Safe-Number Patterns
•  Number Cracker
•  Cookie Dough
•  Skip Counting Game-Any Multiple

* Rainforest Math

* Number Grids

*Mend the Number Square

*One False Move

*Cookie Dough

*Squigly Worm

*Roller Coaster

*Snakes & Ladders

*Rabbits More or Less

*Forest Ordering

*Adventure Sequence

Place Value
•  Place Value Puzzler
•  Place Value Party

*Safari Units
•  My Place
•  Place Values
•  Find the Place

* Toon University Place Value and More

*Seashell Rounding

*Who Wants to be a Place Value Master?

•  Create a Graph
•  Gere's Bike Shop
•  Matching Graphs
•  Reading Graphs
•  Bar and Pie Graphs

*Locate the Aliens

*Space Boy to the Rescue

*Animal Island Data

Comparing Numbers
•  Wabbit Words
•  Compare It
•  Alligator Lunch
•  Comparing Numbers
•  More Than Marsh
•  Less Than Lake

Ordinal Numbers
•  Roller Coaster
•  Get in Line
•  Cats in Line
•  Squigly's Apples


 Multiplication & Division


*Farm Stand

*Camel Multiplication

*Division Mine

*Multiplication Station

*Space Hopscotch

*Pumpkin Multiples

*Math Brain

*Multiplication Facts

*Math Munchers

*Balloon Invaders

*M D Machine 

*Product Game

*Captain Knick Knack multiplication


*Multiplication Matho


*Pumpkin Multiples

*Space Racer

*Count Us In

*All Division

*Math Bully



*What Comes Next?  

*Pattern Quest

*Stop that Creature

*Number Cracker

*Music Pattern Builder

*Busy Bees  

*Button Beach

*Postman Phil

*Equation Match

*Algebra Reasoning (Hard)



*Rounding Off





Addition & Subtraction
•  Online Practice
•  Addition Hidden Picture
•  Math Mastery

*Number Pyramid
•  Math-O: Addition
•  Addition Concentration
•  Flashcards
•  Math Magician
•  Speed Grid Challenge-Level 1
•  Speed Grid Challenge-Level 2
•  Speed Grid Challenge-Level 3
•  Single Digit Addition
•  Math Baseball
•  Double Digit Addition
•  Addition Quizzer-Double Digits

* Frog Hopper

* Add with Grouping

*Riley's Monster Crunch


*Baseball Math

*Addition Practice

*Addition Pinball

* Add Like Mad


*Test the Toad

*Dartboard Game


*Rabbit Takeaway 

*MathCar Racing

*Batter's Up Baseball

*Pole Climber

•  Subtraction Hidden Picture
•  Subtraction Concentration
•  Flashcards
•  Math Magician
•  Speed Grid Challenge-Level 1
•  Speed Grid Challenge-Level 2
•  Speed Grid Challenge-Level 3
•  Single Digit Subtraction
•  Math Baseball
•  Online Subtraction
•  Subtraction Quizzer
•  Basket Math
*Subtraction Pinball

*Subtraction Action

*Math Journey
*Soccer Shootout

*Speedy Sums

*Mad Math

*Addition Game

*Simple Math Game

•  Shapes
•  Castle Shapes

*Shape Lab

•  Mr. Mumble
•  Symmetry
•  Shape Surveyor
•  Line Symmetry
•  3-Dimensional Figures
•  Wrapping Paper
•  Flip Monsters
•  Virtual Manipulatives


*Puzzle Parlor

* Play a game of pool. See if you can figure out the angles in these math games! 

*Symmetry Fun

*The Shapes Game

*Storyplace Shapes 

*Polygon Playground

*Overlapping Shapes

*Buzzing with Shapes

*Symmetrical Drawing



*Geoboard Activities

*Trouble Bubbles

*Quilting Bee

*Area & Perimeter Practice

*Shape Quiz

*Rats! Shapes

*Buzz Buzz Shape Game

(2 Players)


Data Analysis and Probability


*Bugs in the System

*Bar Graph Sorter

*Coin Tossing

*Experimental Probability

*NLVM's Spinners


Logic Problems

*Brain Workout

*The toothpick Puzzle

*Magic Square Puzzle

*Crack the Code

*Math Mysteries

*Math Hunt

*Calculator Chaos

*3D Tic Tac Toe


•  Money Games
•  Counting Change
•  Adding Coins
•  Spending Spree
•  Coin Tutorials
•  Learn to Count Money
•  Online Practice
•  Money Flashcards
•  Piggy Bank Game
•  Change Maker

* Money Factory

*Biz Whiz

*H.I.P. Pocket Change

*Money Concentration

*Money Crossword

*Pot of Gold Money

*Making Change

*Igloo Shopping

*Lemonade Stand

*Count the Money

•  Stop the Clock-to Hour
•  Stop the Clock-to 1/2 hour
•  Stop the Clock-to 1/4 hour
•  Stop the Clock- to 5 min
•  Stop the Clock- to 1 min
•  Bang on Time
•  Class Clock
•  Willy the Watchdog
•  Telling Time
•  Analog Clock Flashcards
•  It's a Date
Calendar and Clocks

*Train Time

*  TimeWorks

*  Move the Hands

* Just in Time

* Hickory Dickory

*Elapse Time

*Clock Works

•  Flowering Fractions
•  Fraction Flags
•  Who Wants Pizza?
•  Fraction Cards
•  Fractions Quiz 1
•  Fractions Quiz 2
•  Fraction Quizzism
•  Tony's Pizza Shop

*   Fabulous Fractions

*   Fraction Model Match

*  Frosted Fractions

*   Melvin's Make a Match

*   13 Ways of Looking at 1/2

•  Measure It
•  Hot Stuff
•  Measuring Tools
•  Teaching Measures
•  Ruler Game
•  Count Us In
•  Adam Ant
•  Measurement Sheet Creator
•  Measurement

*Harbor Measurements
•  Measurement Manipulatives

*  Time to Move

*  Willy the Watchdog

Other Math Websites
•  AAA Math
•  A+ Math
•  Gamequarium
•  Math Riddles
•  Math Arcade
•  Quiz Hub

* Who Wants To Be A Mathionaire Game? 

*Game Wheel

*Around the World

*Math Mayhem

*Math Lingo

*Speed Math 

*Math Glossary

*Kids Math Dictionary

*Math Olympics


Word Problems

*Grand Slam Math

*Word Problems


*Word Problem Database

*Thinking Blocks

*Money Word Problems

*Abiator’s Word Problems



 *Thank you so much to Mrs. Barnick for collecting and sharing these wonderful websites for our students to use.