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Forget Something?

We’ve got you covered. 


If you forgot to order your yearbook, you have the opportunity to win a chance to purchase it. To participate in the lottery, you must do the following exactly:

1.     Put $100 cash or a money order in an UNSEALED envelope (I will seal it in front of you).

2.     Write FIVE things on the front of the envelope:  

            a) your name

            b) your grade

            c) your e-mail address

            d) your cell phone number

            e) your IF teacher’s name and room #

3.     On May 4th, May 5th, or May 6th, bring the envelope to East Hall, RM 1323. You may drop off between 8AM and 4 PM only. Ms. Oxford-Bennett must sign for the envelope; DO NOT LEAVE MONEY on any desk or with another student. Only Ms. Powell, RM 1325, may sign if Ms. Oxford-Bennett is not in her room.

4.     Envelopes will not be accepted on May 7th ; you must bring $ to 1323 by May 6th.

5.     On the afternoon of May 6th, Ms. Oxford-Bennett will draw envelopes for the 96 remaining yearbooks in front of two witnesses. We do have emergency books set aside, and if you are not one of the original 96 drawn, your name may be drawn for a Wait List.

6.     Those whose names are chosen as one of the 96 will be sent a Congratulations Letter with instructions on how to pick up their yearbooks on May 8th. 

7.     If you do not receive a Congratulations email or text, or Wait List letter on May 7th, that means your name was not drawn. You will need to return to the East Hall, RM 1323 to pick up your envelope from Ms. Oxford-Bennett beginning on May 11th. Note that you will be required to sign for your money, acknowledging that you have received your cash back; NO ONE ELSE CAN PICK UP OR SIGN FOR YOUR MONEY.

2015-2016 Yearbook Staff Applications
Accepted now through March 2nd 
 Aerie Information
September 2014
Yearbooks on sale NOW
for a limited time!
Early Eagle Discount: SAVE MONEY and order this fall.
The price of the yearbook will increase on December 1
 to $85 and again to $90 in January.
Purchasing additional signature pages ($3) is encouraged.
Order your 2010-2011 Yearbook now!
to be directed to
school code# 15242 (or city & state)
or call 1.866.287.3096
Don't forget to check out additional items offered, including:
Name Plates, Signature Supplements, World Yearbook and more!
2015 Senior Ads
You don't want to miss this!
Honor your senior and create a lasting contribution 
to our school's legacy.
Please download the printable documents below and submit your order 
via mail or drop by West Hall to our main office OR room 1323.
To avoid mishaps and delays,
DEADLINE: Friday, August 29, 2014
EXTENDED Deadline: Friday, October 31, 2014 
This extension is a one time offer due to changes in our section deadline with the publisher.
*NOTE: There will be an additional $25 fee for late ads due to rushed processing*
June 2014
2015 Senior Portraits 
Cady Studios
44 Milton Avenue
Alpharetta, GA 30009
Summer Sessions are recommended.  Click here to book now!
 Our wish is to feature ALL seniors in the yearbook; however, a formal portrait (tuxedo or black drape)
by Cady Studios is the only photo eligible to appear in the senior class section of our book. 
We CANNOT ACCEPT photos from any other photographer for this purpose. 
                                                                                                                    This restriction does not apply to photos submitted for senior ads.  
Your rising senior recieved important senior portrait information at a class meeting in April.  
Additional brochures and senior ad order forms are available in the West Hall front office over the summer.

If you have questions regarding SFHS senior portraits, please contact Cady Studios directly.  
                                                                                             A Cady Studios representative will be happy to assist you. 
You may also visit their website:
Last Modified on May 5, 2015