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Welcome to Academies of Creative Education (A.C.E.)

Increase ALL student achievement while expanding educational opportunities. This strategic plan goal, approved by the Board of Education in 2009, is one that has already gained traction in Forsyth County Schools.
Community members, teachers, and administrators recognize that not all students learn at the same rate or in the same manner. Additionally, there has been a call for more non-traditional options for ensuring student success. With that in mind, leadership in Forsyth County Schools reviewed all  non-traditional options for students and devised a plan to leverage options and maximize student success. The result was the development of the Academies of Creative Education which include Forsyth Academy, Gateway Academy (formerly named Piedmont Learning Center) and iAchieve Virtual Academy.

In partnership with Lanier Technical College and Communities in Schools of Georgia, Forsyth County Schools opened Forsyth Academy, a non-traditional charter high school, in 2005 with an enrollment of 60 students. The school was Forsyth County’s first charter school and was originally located on the campus of Lanier Technical College. In 2010 Forsyth Academy moved to its current location at 1130 Dahlonega Highway (formerly Piedmont Learning Center behind the Board of Education office) and became part of the Academies of Creative Education (A.C.E.) The Academies of Creative Education provides non-traditional educational opportunities for students that are outside of the traditional high school experience.

Gateway Academy is located at The Hill Center on Elm Street. Gateway provides an alternative learning environment for students while holding high expectations for both behavior and performance. The Gateway Academy offers a blended learning environment, similar to the Forsyth Academy, where middle and high school students will be engaged with the online learning while receiving instruction from classroom teachers. 

FCS opened iAchieve Virtual Academy in August 2010 for students grades 6-12 as the first virtual school managed by a school district in Georgia.  Open to students both within and outside of Forsyth County, the school had 200 students attend its inaugural year on either a part or full-time basis. iAchieve offers students the opportunity to engage in a digital learning environment to achieve their individual potential through innovative, flexible, socially connected, and student-focused education. Students may be residents of Forsyth County entering the school system for the first time from Home School or Private School. Students may also be current FCS students transferring from an existing school. Non-resident students may apply and will be assessed tuition.  Students do not attend a physical brick and mortar school, but instead, connect with their teachers and peers virtually to receive a Forsyth County Schools' diploma.