2016-2017 Back-to-School Supply Lists

* It is highly recommended that ALL students have a set of basic headphones or ear buds that they keep at school for using in school computer labs.  Using one's own headphones ensures that students have working headphones when they need them, and are far more sanitary than sharing headphones.  It is NOT necessary to purchase expensive headphones - headphones can be purchased for $5 or less in many stores. 
* In the past, we have asked all students to bring a 4GB flash drive - now that all students have access to a cloud drive through Google Apps, this would only be required if the student does not have internet access at home and would not be able to access their Google Drive. 
6th Grade Supply List
2 or more-24 count Pencils
Glue sticks
                                                                                                  Colored Pencils
                                  Flash Drive (required ONLY  if student does not have internet access to their cloud drive/Google Docs)
                                                                                           300 count index cards
                                                                                  2inch 3 ring binder for every core
                                                                                     College Ruled Loose leaf paper
1-Composition Notebook for ELA 
Ear Buds


Clorox Wipes
1 pack of cap erasers
Expo Markers
1 box quart size zip lock bags
**Please do not purchase Zip Up Binders


      7th Grade Supply List
          1-5 star spiral 5 subject notebook
3-1 in. binder
                                                                                 3-5 tab dividers
                                                                                  Loose leaf paper
                                                                            2-3x5 pack index cards
                                                                         1-spiral 1-subject notebook
                                                    Pencils, pens, glue, highlighters, colored pencils Pencil pouch


 8th Grade Supply List

Blue, Black, and Red Pens

LOTS and LOTS of pencils

Loose Leaf Notebook Paper, preferably college ruled

One 5 Pack Highlighters (yellow, orange, pink, green, blue)

Markers and Colored Pencils

Student scissors

1 Pack Dry-erase markers (black and blue)

Graph Paper

Flash Drive (required if student does not have internet access to their cloud drive)

Headphones (see note at top of page for information)

4 - 3 Ring Binder(s) minimum 1 inch

4 Sets Dividers

MUST HAVE Basic calculator for science (preferably TI 30-XS Multiview which will work for both math and science)

100 index cards (for students in Spanish)

10 clear sheet protectors (for students in Spanish)

1 8.5 x 11 5 subject spiral bound notebook (for students in Spanish)

Art supplies (optional)