Forsyth County



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    "The mission of the Department of School Safety and Student Discipline is to create and maintain a safe and healthy environment at school,on school-owned vehicles and at all school sponsored activities and events for the benefit of our students, staff and visitors."


    Department responsibilities include:

    • Student Codes of Conduct (K- 5 and 6 - 12)
    • Disciplinary Action Guidelines (6 - 12)
    • Student Discipline and Legal Issues
    • Disciplinary Tribunal Hearings and Appeals
    • District Safety Communications - Cell Phones
    • ER Responder - Campus Emergency Telephone System
    • System Wide ID System
    • Master School Access Control
    • Respond to Campus Emergencies
    • SRO School System Coordination
    • Campus Wide Video Camera System
    • Student, Staff, and Visitor Accident Reporting
    • School Safety Planning and Implementation
    • Crisis Management Planning and Implementation
    • Crisis Response
    • Monitor Emergency Drills
    • 911 School Phone Alert / ER Adviser system
    • Severe Weather Monitor and Response
    • Safety Check - Visitor Access System
    • Staff Training in School Safety
    • Campus Crime Stoppers -Crime Tip Reporting
    • TADRA - Teenage and Adult Driver Responsibility Act (student drivers license suspension)
    • System Interface with Law Enforcement Agencies; School Resource Officers; Emergency Responders; Georgia and National Department of Homeland Security; Georgia Emergency Management Agency; and the Juvenile Justice System