CMES PTO Officers
President Nicole 
 Vice-President Nikki Ferguson
 Vice-President Katie Schmoeckel
 Academic Enrichment Coordinator Stephanie McCabe
 Financial Manager Shelly Miller
 Volunteer Coordinator Jennifer Farr

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The Coal Mountain PTO invites you to join with us to make a difference in the education and quality of life for our children. 

We all know that children learn more and have better lives when parents, school faculty, students, and the community work together.  PTO brings all these groups together to share thoughts and ideas about programs and activities that benefit children.  The PTO provides information and resources that strengthen these relationships.

Being a part of the PTO is an investment in your child's educational future.  By investing a little time and/or money in the PTO, every family in public education can make their small contributions add up to a BIG difference in academic success.  Through the combined efforts of administrators, educators, families, students, volunteers, and community leaders we can have a powerful impact in the quality of education your child receives.  The Coal Mountain PTO is dedicated to coordinating and enhancing the efforts of those involved in the success of public education.

Our Mission

  • To support and speak on behalf of our children and youth in the schools, in the community, and before the government bodies and other organizations that make decisions affecting our children.
  • To aid and augment educational tools and programs to achieve the academic goals of the school.
  • Implement and promote programs and activities that bring our families, teachers and community together to improve the quality of life for Coal Mountain students.
  • To encourage parent and public involvement in the public school system.

Getting Involved in the PTO:


There are several ways to get involved in the PTO depending on your level of interest and availability. There are many different committees on the PTO that have as specific focus or task either at a single point in time, or throughout the year.  You can join a committee in which you share a particular interest by contacting a PTO board member or visiting our committee link for volunteer information.  Even if you don't have the availability to join a committee, you can still attend PTO meetings and participate in discussions and elections.  The more parent input in PTO decision-making - the better our school will be!


We hope that every parent will become a part of the PTO.  We invite and encourage you to attend each PTO meeting.  Each meeting will feature a family reading night.  A short business meeting will be held before each program.  Meetings and special activities are announced through the school newsletter as well as the PTO newsletter.  Please contact any board member should you have any questions.




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