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Welcome to 5th Grade!


 Fifth grade is a very critical grade as we are preparing your children to be organized, more independent, and knowledgeable as they move forward with their education.  We are here to work with students and parents to make this a great year.  Fifth grade is a lot of work, but we like to make it be a memorable year as well.  You will see your children change and grow as the year progresses which is a milestone in their lives.  If you ever have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact your child's teacher.  We are here for you.  To access the power point presentation that was seen Curriculum Night, please click here.
Thank you,  
Mrs. Tonya Hanks ext. 740919
Mrs. Kari McNeill ext. 740908
Mrs. Michelle Merrell ext. 740912
Mrs. Rebecca Miller ext. 740915
Mrs. Lisa Runion ext. 740914
Mrs. Mandy Wansley ext. 740918        
Please see your classroom teacher to give you the username and password to this website.
 “Due to the negative impact of retailed prepared food, “fast food”, on overall student wellness, we would appreciate if these meals brought from the outside would only be eaten at the designated table in the cafeteria.“  Please remember that all foods not prepared by staff on campus (our cafeteria staff) and made available to students, must be purchased from a reputable commercial establishment (ex. Kroger, Walmart, etc.).  This is to ensure the safety of students and shall comply with the current US Dietary Guidelines.  (This doesn’t apply to a lunch brought from home.)
BirthdayYour child may celebrate his birthday by bringing in a snack/treat to lunch.  The snack/treat may only be shared with the second block class.  Sharing with other classes causes a lot of disruption in the lunchroom as well as hurts others feelings that are not included.  Remember the nutrition rule above for the snack/treat.  Also, photographs may be taken of your child only due to privacy of others who do not wish to have their children photographed.  Thanks for your cooperation in this matter.



Last Modified on September 6, 2013