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Our Administrative Team
Admin Team  
Eric Ashton, Principal, ext. 170106
Sarah Von Esh (L), Assistant Principal, ext. 170110
Michelle Speropoulos-Cossette (R), Assistant Principal, ext. 170118
Phone: (770) 888-1222
Our Mission

Our school's mission is developing children's excellence and success.

Our Belief Statements 

  • We believe all children can learn when provided with a supportive and appropriate learning environment.
  • We believe that students are most successful when educational experiences are engaging and relevant.

  • We believe that high expectations and a quality curriculum lead to increased student performance.

  • We believe students learn important life-long skills by working independently as well as cooperatively in all academic areas including fine arts, foreign language, physical education, and technology.

  • We believe that consistent expectations and mutual respect foster self-discipline.

  • We believe that teachers, students, administrators, and parents, along with the community, share responsibility for student success.


Last Modified on April 13, 2015