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4th & 5th Grade Grading Scale

S - Meets the standards

P - Progressing toward meeting the standard

N - Needs Improvement/Not meeting the standard

K-3rd Grade Grading Scale


3 - Full participation during class, full understanding of concepts taught, and consistently and independently achieves standards.

2 - Basic participation during class, basic understanding of concepts taught, and progressing toward achievement of standards.

1- Not participating in all activities during class, minimal understanding of concepts taught, and limited progress toward achievement of standards.


S - Follows all class rules, listens to and follows directions, stays on task, works cooperatively and independently.

P - Almost always follows class rules, listens, and follows directions with few reminders, stays on task most of the time, works cooperatively and independently with few reminders.

N - Does not follow class rules, has difficulty listening and following directions, does not stay on task, does not work cooperatively or independently without reminders.

Last Modified on October 11, 2012