2015-2016 School Year   Welcome!

All Grades:    Internet Safety and Responsible Use:  T.R.U.S.T. Orientation, T.R.U.S.T. Pledge, K-2 BrainPOP Jr. Internet Safety, 3-5 BrainPOP - Online Safety
First Grade:*  Independent Login PracticeAll done?
Second Grade:*  Intro to Keyboarding (see below)
Third, Fourth, Fifth Grade:*  Take the 'Tech Specials Tour' and get to know some of your opportunities for this school year in the technology room! Intro to 'Wall of Experts' - new challenges!  This is a great time to ask Mr. Counter 'how-to', install, access, and other technology related questions! 
*Lesson 2 Schedule Conflicts:  itsL Training, Boosterthon Student Meetings
mouse 1-Key Seeker    mouse 2-ABC Jigsaw    mouse 3-Keyboard-O-Rama    mouse 4-All done?
Second Grade:*  <Code:Walkers>
Third, Fourth, Fifth Grade:*  Open Lab (includes 'Wall of Experts')
 *Lesson 3 Schedule Conflicts:  itsL Training, Boosterthon Student Meetings
All done?  Pumpkin Boo 
First and Second Grade:*  Oldies but goodies!  Practice throughout the year!
   > First Grade:  Bite Size
   > Second Grade:  Arcademic Skill Builders ( Intro to Multiplayer Create Game > Private)
Third, Fourth, Fifth Grade:*  Open Lab, <Code:Walkers>, and Design It!
   > Fashion Design:  Addidas Design Studios
   > Graphic/Logo Design:  Cooltext, Logogenie, Sumo Paint
   > Interior Design:  Floorplanner, Homestyler
   > Architecture:  Building Big
   > Related:  Design Squad, Howtoons!
*Lesson 4 Schedule Conflicts:  itsL Training
Kindergarten and First Grade:*
BrainPOP Jr. - Access, Navigation, Movies, Quizzes (online)
Second Grade:  
   > Story Starters (Internet Explorer > Publish)
   > All done?  Dance Mat Typing
Third, Fourth, Fifth Grade:*  Open Lab, <Code:Walkers>, and Scratch Revisited!
   >Scratch Tutorials (5th Grade), Cards (3rd, 4th Grades)
   >Open Lab News:
         Sphero, NXT Level 2 Robot, Snap Circuits, Crazy Contraptions, 'Wall of Expert' updates
   >Wall of Experts News:
         Simon (15), Lego Club (3 Missions), Star Wars & MineCraft additions on
*Lesson 5 Schedule Conflicts: Ship Meetings
Grades K-5 - Matt Elementary Hour of Code  <Code:Walkers>
Grades 3-5 - 2016 Tech Fair Announcement, Q/A
        football 1)Blending Bowl (Warm Up)   football 2)ABC Match (Cards)
        football 3)Puzzle Me Words (Bus)           football 4)Picture Match (Boxes)
             All done?  tvo Kids (Puzzles and ABC's and Math and 123's ONLY)
First* and Second Grade - All About Words! * 
Third, Fourth, Fifth Grades:*
football  Assignments:  Be Inspired!  Explore New Technology
   -New Allowable Apps and Sites:  Box Island,  CodeArt,  Coding Pirates
   -New Code Websites:  Made w/ Code Google,  BlocklyCoding Pirates (IE) 
VertiGoXYZ Printing 3D Printing for $349Faraday Future Car.
Chip  Worlds First Lovable Robot DogZiro  imagine. create. animate.Ozobot  Best Robot Toy 2015
Smart Outdoor Watch  by Casio
2016 Pocket Operators
Ehang Autonomous Aerial Vehicle
Google Cardboard Virtual Reality, Viewmaster VRDiscovery VR
Invention Studio  GA TECH - Could this be you one day?...
*Lesson 7 Schedule Conflicts: Ship Meetings
Kindergarten: Patterns Practice  Game:  1-One,  2-Two,  3-Three,  4-Four
First and Second Grade:*  NASA  (Internet Explorer)
Third, Fourth, Fifth Grade:* (Internet Explorer)
We choose the moon!...Watch and listen LIVE?...
> What's next?...NOW...and in the FUTURE
> SPOTLIGHT QUESTION:  How big is space?  >SPACE RACE, >SCALE of the UNIVERSE, >Solar System Scope
SPOTLIGHT APP - FREE!  Download at home.  JFK Challenge
 *Lesson 8 Schedule Conflicts: GADOE TKES Student Survey, Ship Meetings
Kindergarten: The Signs of Spring!   Game: 1-One 2-Two 3-Three 4-Four
     Whole Class Intro - Living and Nonliving  Whole Class Closing- if time allows (class) - BPJr. Spring
First and Second Grade:*  Math Focus!
    > BrainPOP GameUp (K-3 Math)  All done? Interactives (Math)
Third, Fourth, Fifth Grade:Choices:
    >All About Electricity (Problem Solving)
    >BrainPOP GameUp:  Win the White House!  Click here!
    >Robotics Centers - Reopened with All New Stations!
*Lesson 9 Schedule Conflicts: Ship Meetings
K-2 Intro:  Jack Prelutsky, BrainPOP Jr - Poems)
Kindergarten:* Rhyming Words (Intro to Poetry)
First and Second Grades:  Poetry - Create poems!*
Acrostic Poem (names, seasons, teams, etc.)
All done?  Poetry Just for Fun:  Poem Pack, Weebly Interactives
Third, Fourth, and Fifth Grades:  Poetry - Create 3 poems!*  Intro:  Minecraft Mike
Acrostic Poem (names, seasons, teams, etc.)
 *Lesson 10 Schedule Conflicts: GA Milestones Test Practice, GA Milestones Testing, Ship Meetings

lesson 11   
Kindergarten End of the Year Favorites:  Starfall, ABCYa, PBS Kids, Cookie
Hilliard Special Project Webpage Links (Intro - BrainPOP Jr. Ocean)
First and Second Grade:  Weebly Interactives
Third, Fourth, and Fifth Grades:  End of Year Student Letters

tech specials  Allowable Apps

Installing on Personal Devices:  Apps must be installed at home by the student/parent before arriving at Technology Specials class.  Technology Specials class dates are available from your homeroom teacher.  Students must have signed parent permission to bring a device to school using the BYOT Agreement Form (homeroom teacher).
Free Apps for Devices:
Device Friendly Websites:
Paid Apps for Devices:
Scratch Jr.
The Foos
(Test before coming to class)
Move The Turtle 
TinkerBox HD
Code Monkey
Light This Up
Simple Rockets
Lego Creator Islands
Two Dots
Code Combat
Chess and Mate
A Mechanical Story
Box IslandCodeArtMade w/ Code Google 
Students - Do you have a suggestion for an 'Allowable App' in Technology Specials?
If so, let Mr. Counter know what it is and how it helps you to learn!

tech specials  Keyboarding Sites 

Dance Mat Typing (K-5) Typing Web (Gr. 2-4) 
Keyboarding Challenge (Gr. 2-5)Super Hyper Spider Typer (Gr. 2-4)  
Keyboarding Games (Gr. K-5) Free Typing Lessons (Gr. 4-5)Typing Club (Gr. 2-5)
Key Seeker (K)  Keyboard Zoo (Gr. K-1) Keyboard-O-Rama (K)

tech specials   'Wall of Experts'
Are you up for a challenge?  Take a look!  Challenges are located in the hall outside the Technology Specials classroom!  Get your QR scanner ready!
mrc Contact:  Mr. Colby Counter 
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