It's easy to believe that technology is limited to computers and personal devices,
but technology is all around us!
Our Instructional Technology Vision is to use classroom technology to engage students in asking questions and choosing tools to facilitate real world problem solving.
When asked during a recent survey, Griffin M. in second grade had the following to say:
"The most important thing I learned this year is...that technology isn't about playing games or playing a simple game on a device it's about learning the safty and making technology on your own."  [quote]
Perhaps our Forsyth County Instructional Technology vision is best realized by asking students.  Ask your child what they have learned lately about using technology!  Forsyth County teachers and students use a variety of technology tools to help make learning fun and engaging.  Please feel free to use the resources here on our Matt Elementary webpages, and as always, please contact me if I can be of any assistance.  Thank you,
Colby Counter / Matt ES Instructional Technology Specialist (ITS)
Staff Webpage - Email - Phone:  678-45-4500 ext. 280537

 Forsyth County teachers and students use a variety of technology tools to make learning fun and engaging.  The resources listed on this webpage are working to support teachers and students with learning goals in the new Common Core curriculum.  Grappling's Technology and Learning Spectrum is also helping Forsyth County learn more about transforming uses of technology.

Interactive Promethean Whiteboard - Each classroom is equipped with an interactive whiteboard. In this picture, we see a kindergarten class reviewing calendar items for the day.
Desktop Computers - All classrooms have four desktop computers. The desktop computers give students quick access to resources and allow the teacher more flexibility in planning technology related lessons.

STEM, or Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics is Matt Elementary's newest intiative.  Research has shown that early experiences in STEM can provide sustained interest in the field.  Matt Elementary's STEM specials class, Whiz Kids, robotics, and  technology classroom represent a few areas of opportunity for students to participate in STEM at the elementary level.

tech specials


BYOT, or Bring Your Own Technology, is a Forsyth County learning initiative that seeks to improve student skills in the 4 C's of Digital Age Learning - Creativity, Collaboration, Communication, and Critical Thinking.  Students who do not have a personalized learning device or are not given parent permission to participate can be supported with school technology resources.  For more information on Matt Elementary's BYOT initiative click here, and for the FCS main BYOT site, click here.
Student Laptops - Matt Elementary has six computer carts available for whole class and small group checkout. Each cart is equipped with ten laptops with each grade level managing their own cart.  Teachers can use student laptops in a variety of ways with students. In this picture, we see each student using a wireless laptop in order to create their product.

tech specials

Technology Classes - In 2010-2013, all students in grades K-5 participated in a Technology Specials class on a regular basis.  Students learned a variety of technology skills within standards based lessons. Teachers continue to have access to this technology resource for classroom lessons.  In addition, the room provides teachers and students with opportunities and resources to practice different strategies related to classroom management of technology, robotics, and engineering.
Digital Cameras - Small group and class sets of digital cameras are available for students. Each teacher also has a digital camera for use in the classroom. Digital cameras can be used to add media to student projects. In this project, students were using the digital cameras to find and document examples of organisms in and around the school building.



Flip Cameras - Flip cameras are another type of technology equipment available to Matt students. In addition to SeaNN and BYOT, flip cameras give students a great opportunity to learn using video.  Flip cameras can be used to gather still and video media. In this picture, we see first graders recording a science experiment.
Document Cameras and Digital Microscopes - These technology tools can be used in a variety of subject areas to enhance curriculum and student projects. In this picture, we see third graders examining algae and other microorganisms. The document cameras and digital microscopes allow them to record their data in digital format.



Digital Probeware - Digital probeware allows students to collect various forms of data in real time in order to make conclusions. Here we see fourth graders using a general science sensor in order to collect temperature, light, and humidity data.
Scanners - Scanners can allow teachers and students to collect work in digital format for use in student projects, digital portfolios, etc.  Every classroom is supplied with a scanner.



Software - Forsyth County Schools and Matt Elementary use a variety of software, including web-based software, in order to help meet student needs. Some examples of software that teachers and students use frequently are ActivInspire, Pixie 3, BrainPOP, Gizmos, and various web based software.
Digital Video Media and Resources - Forsyth County uses a variety of digital video media, including Safari and Discovery Learning, to help bring resources easily and directly to the classroom and students.



Access - Matt Elementary students, parents, and teachers have a variety of options in order to access resources at home.  itsLearning, Citrix, neTtrekker, and school webpages are just some of the tools that may be used to access information and to support personalized learning. These resources and more can be found on our Matt Elementary homepage.

Broadcast Technology - SeaNN - Matt Elementary uses an in-school broadcast system in order to communicate daily announcements and other special recordings to staff and students. Our student produced morning broadcast is called SeaNN. Students in grades 1-5 also participate in the morning announcements as student reporters doing lunch, weather, and Pledge of Allegiance.


ActiVotes - All teachers have access to a set of ActiVotes for use with their class.  Activotes allow the teacher and student to receive immediate feedback during classroom instruction. ActiVotes can be used for either formative or summative assessment. Here we see a kindergarten class using the votes to answer a question from the teacher.

toolbox For a more comprehensive list of software and technology resources for students, teachers, and parents, please visit the Parent Tech Toolbox by clicking here.
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