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  techspecials Welcome back!

ISTE  ISTE Standards (pdf) cal  Schedule (pdf)  WhizKids  (link)

lesson1 Practice with technology!
Kindergarten, First Grades:  Orientation, mouse  Starfall
Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth Grades:  Orientation, T.R.U.S.T. Pledge, Hour of Code (Angry Birds or Lightbot), Webonauts

lesson2 Be a hero with technology!  Create a story!  Part 1  
Kindergarten:  mouse  ABC Jigsaw, mouse  Silly Alien -Print, mouse  All done ?
Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth Grades:
Group 1:
Robotics and Engineering Creation Station (Lego WeDo, KNEX Roller Coaster Engineers)
Group 2: 
Second Grade:  <Code:Walkers>, BYOT (allowable apps below), Story Tools:  Arthur, GarfieldGeronimo StiltonSuper Comic Creator, Bone
Third, Fourth, Fifth Grades:  <Code:Walkers>, BYOT (allowable apps below), Story Tools:  Make Beliefs Comix, Communicating Ideas, Super Comic Creator, Code Combat (direct link)

lesson3 Be a hero with technology!  Create a story!  Part 2
Kindergarten: mouse Whack a Mole (warm up), mouse Dinosaur's Eggs, mouse Early Years
First Grade:  Bite Size
Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth Grades:  Groups 1 and 2 Rotate (see Lesson 2)

today's lesson lesson4 Design, Create, Explore, Build - Engineer!
First and Second Grade Choices:
Choice 1:  Arcademic Skill Builders (Intro to Multiplayer Create Game > Private (2nd))
Choice 2:  Fuel the Brain
Choice 3:  <Code:Walkers> Updated! <or> Scratch Cards (see Mr. Counter)
Third, Fourth, Fifth Grade Choices:
Choice 1:  Task:  Design your own structure!
 Floor Planner (Descriptions and Name Required - ELACCGPS)
Choice 2:  <Code:Walkers> Updated! <or> Scratch Cards
Choice 3:  Allowable apps ONLY (see below). 
Homework?  Explore and build something cool!...
...Share your progress on the new 'Wall of Experts' or 'Maker Wall' at school!
You can call if 'homework' if you like.  Mr.C 8)  Exit Video:  Sky Parade 1:27 (YouTube)

Kindergarten: mouse   mouse  mouse   mouse  
First and Second Grade:
Third, Fourth, Fifth Grade:


 byot  BYOT - Allowed Tech Specials Apps byot

This list will be updated regularly.  Last updated:  September 22nd, 2014 

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