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    techspecials Welcome back!

WhizKids  (link)codewalkers (link)ISTE  ISTE Standards (pdf) cal  Schedule (pdf)  

lesson1 Practice with technology!
Kindergarten, First Grades:  Orientation, mouse  Starfall
Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth Grades:  Orientation, T.R.U.S.T. Pledge, Hour of Code (Angry Birds or Lightbot), Webonauts

lesson2 Be a hero with technology!  Create a story!  Part 1  
Kindergarten:  mouse  ABC Jigsaw, mouse  Silly Alien -Print, mouse  All done ?
Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth Grades:
      Group 1:
Robotics and Engineering Creation Station (Lego WeDo, KNEX Roller Coaster Engineers)
      Group 2: 
Second Grade:  <Code:Walkers>, BYOT (allowable apps below), Story Tools:  Arthur, GarfieldGeronimo StiltonSuper Comic Creator, Bone
Third, Fourth, Fifth Grades:  <Code:Walkers>, BYOT (allowable apps below), Story Tools:  Make Beliefs Comix, Communicating Ideas, Super Comic Creator, Code Combat (direct link)

lesson3 Be a hero with technology!  Create a story!  Part 2
Kindergarten: mouse Whack a Mole (warm up), mouse Dinosaur's Eggs, mouse Early Years
First Grade:  Bite Size
Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth Grades:  Groups 1 and 2 Rotate (see Lesson 2)

lesson4 Design, Create, Explore, Build - Engineer!
First and Second Grade Choices:
Choice 1:  Arcademic Skill Builders (Intro to Multiplayer Create Game > Private (2nd))
Choice 2:  Fuel the Brain
Choice 3:  <Code:Walkers> <or> Scratch Cards (see Mr. Counter)
Third, Fourth, Fifth Grade Choices:
Choice 1:  Task:  Design your own structure!
 Floor Planner (Descriptions and Name Required - ELACCGPS)
Choice 2:  <Code:Walkers> <or> Scratch Cards
Choice 3:  Allowable apps ONLY (see below). 
Homework?  Explore and build something cool!...
...Share your progress on the new 'Wall of Experts' or 'Maker Wall' at school!
You can call if 'homework' if you like.  Mr.C 8)  Exit Video:  Sky Parade 1:27 (YouTube)

lesson5 Research and Engineering
Kindergarten:  mouse  Alphabet Organizer (print) 
First and Second Grade: Alphabet Organizer(Contest-10 min.), Interactives (top row)
Third, Fourth, Fifth Grades:
The True Story of the Puppeteer of Macy's Parade
A cross curricular lesson between
Media Special, Tech Special, Art Special, and STEM Special classes
Additional Resources:  Theater DesignJim Henson - Making Puppets (YouTube), History of Making Marionettes (PBS)
Other Tech News:  2014 Tech Fair  Registration now open!  Register by January 8th, 2015.

Kindergarten:  Menu Navigation, BrainPOP Jr.
First and Second Grade:  Crossword Puzzle (Create - RWT), Lesson 7 Code Preview (Apps and Discussion)
Homework:  Install free coding apps from <Code:Walkers> webpage 
Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth Grades:
          survey  GA Dept. of Ed. TKES Student Survey - Click here (45 min.)

lesson7 Code and Student Choice (Lessons 1-5)
January 5th itsLearning Drill Follow Up Survey and Discussion
Links: itsLearning, Elementary Courses

lesson8 All About Words!
        football 1)Blending Bowl (Warm Up)   football 2)ABC Match (Cards)
        football 3)Puzzle Me Words (Bus)           football 4)Picture Match (Boxes)
             All done?  tvo Kids (Puzzles and ABC's and Math and 123's ONLY)
- - -
First and Second Grade:
- - -
Third, Fourth, and Fifth Grades:  Code, Reading Comprehension, and Robotics Centers
   1.  survey  GA Dept. of Ed. Climate Student Survey - click here (20 min.)
   2.  Centers Intro/Discuss - Center 1 Links:  football  1) Into the Book  football  2) Scratch
         Class handout/checklist for Centers 1 (Scratch and Into the Book), 2 (Lego WeDo), and 3 (Lego NXT)
         Extra Challenges (see class handout)

lesson9 Cancelled - Inclement Weather
See itsLearning > Courses > Tech Specials

lesson10 Coming Soon!
Kindergarten:  Patterns Practice
Game:  1-One,  2-Two,  3-Three,  4-Four
- - - 
First and Second Grade:  Fractured Fairy Tale!
    1.  Read an example of a fractured fairy tale.  (Mr. Counter)
    2.  Create your own fractured fairy tale by making changes!  Print.  (2 pages)
           Write your own full story later!  Exchange it with a friend!
           All done?  Storyline Online
- - - 
Third, Fourth, and Fifth Grades:  
Centers - Finish (free rotate)
Class handout/checklist for Centers:
Center 1 - Scratch and Into the Book, Center 2 - Lego WeDo, and Center 3 - Lego NXT

today's lesson lesson11 npm
(K-2 Intro:  Jack Prelutsky, BrainPOP Jr - Poems)
- - - - -
Kindergarten: Rhyming Words (Intro to Poetry)
- - - - -
First and Second Grades:  Poetry - Create poems!
Acrostic Poem (names, seasons, teams, etc.)
All done?  Poetry Just for Fun:
- - - - - 
Third, Fourth, and Fifth Grades:  Poetry - Create 3 poems!
Acrostic Poem (names, seasons, teams, etc.)
- - - - -
All done?  Poetry Just For Fun:
Instant Poem (File > Print)
Pixie 3 > Project > Activities > Language Arts > Writing Poetry 

lesson12   Our last lesson for the year!
Classroom Assessments (Specials in Homeroom)

Rags to Riches Challenge - Third, Fourth, and Fifth Grades:
Which class will have the most millionaires?...
green dollar Current Class Leader:green dollar
Mrs. Boddy's Class (Fourth Grade - 20 Millionaires) 


Summer Keyboarding Resources:
Keyboarding Games (Grades K-5)
Dance Mat Typing (Grades K-5)
Key Seeker (Kindergarten)
Sesame Street Keyboard-O-Rama (Kindergarten)
ABCYA! Keyboarding Zoo (Grades K-1)
Super Hyper Spider Typer (Grades 2-4)
ABCYA! Keyboarding Challenge (Grades 2-5)
Typing Club (Grades 2-5)
Online Free Typing Lessons (Grades 4-5)
Typing Web (Grades 4-8)

 byot  BYOT - Allowed Tech Specials Apps byot

This list will be updated regularly.  Last updated:  November 11th, 2014 

DIY - Skills for Kids Cargo-Bot Codecademy Kodable* Tynker 
Hopscotch Daisy the Dinosaur* QR Reader
Lightbot - 1hr
TinkerBox HD Bee-Bot* New! ScratchJr*  New!
money bill  Move the Turtle
money bill  Lightbot
money bill  Simple Rocketsmoney bill  Simple Physicsmoney bill  Bridge Constructor
money bill  Algodoo Physics    
  *EL - Early Learner
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