Instructional Technology @ Midway

Transforming, supporting and personalizing learning for teachers and students using technology.
Midway's Technology Tools
  • Interactive White Boards in every classroom
  • Chromebooks in every classroom
  • Mobile Chromebook carts 
  • Digital cameras
  • Document cameras
  • Digital microscopes
  • TV Broadcasting studio with green screen & teleprompter
  • iPads

According to Project Tomorrow CEO Julie Evans and the national Speak Up Survey, students have a very specific idea of how they want to engage technology to enhance the learning process.  The top for items include:
  • Are continuing to be interested in social-based learning;
  • Want to build their own personal learning network with expert resources;
  • "Are looking for tools that increase untethered learning; and
  • Want a digitally rich learning environment, unencumbered by traditional rules."

Read more about the survey results in the THE Journal Article Digital Learning: What Kids Really Want

Last Modified on June 2, 2017