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Language Arts

Reading: Our reading program is Harcourt Trophies.  This series focuses on incorporating phonics, reading strategies and skills, grammar skills, and vocabulary in each weekly story.  Each teacher also uses Reading A to Z to teach small group reading.  Small group instruction is tailored to reach the students' different learning levels.
Learning Centers: During small group reading, students who are not working on reading skills with the teacher participate in center activities which are designed to facilitate independent learning.  These differentiated,  standards-based activities reinforce language arts skills in grammar, phonics, reading, etc.


Spelling: Our spelling curriculum is designed to teach students spelling patterns which will allow them to spell all sorts of words, not just memorize a list each week.  This research-based approach allows the students to have a deeper understanding of words and why they are spelled the way they are spelled.  Read more about our approach.  For a list of spelling rules, click here.
To practice spelling, click here.
Writing: In second grade, the students will be learning how to write expository,   narrative,   response to literature, and persuasive  pieces.
Would you like to help your child practice writing or learn more?  Click here to try a helpful writing website!
We integrate our Houghton Mifflin math series with the Forsyth County second grade rubric.  Because of this, the book will not be followed chapter by chapter, and some lessons may be skipped to utilize other (better) teaching methods we may have.  The students will be building on skills previously learned, such as addition and subtraction, telling time, fractions, geometry (shapes), measuring, solving word problems, etc.  Some new concepts are taught as well, including multiplication.
We are really focusing on getting our students to be better problem solvers.  Please help your child by visiting the following websites for practice:
And of course...Eduplace, the website the correlates with our math series

Social Studies
In second grade, our social studies instruction focuses on Georgia history.  The students learn about historical figures, Creek and Cherokee cultures, and geographic regions.  They also learn about citizenship in our country and concepts of government and economics.

Students continue to refine their observation, classification, communication, prediction, and inference skills.  They measure the length, capacity, mass/weight, and temperature of objects.  They begin using space/time relationships, perceiving and describing objects in terms of their shape, motion, position and/or location.  Specific topic areas are space and weather, exploring matter, growth and change of living things, and homes for living things.  Unifying concepts are systems, models, constancy and change, and scale.
Shine Time
What is Shine Time?  Shine Time is a school-wide strategy that is designed to teach students different skills based on their learning level for each skill.  The children are grouped according to how well they know a specific skill.  The students then work with other students who are on their same learning level for that skill for 6 weeks.  A new skill will then be used for the Shine Time process.  Shine Time is a teaching method used in addition to regular classroom instruction.