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    Investing in Innovation (i3) Grant
    The U.S. Department of Education selected Forsyth County Schools (FCS) as one of 49 grantees for a 2010 Investing in Innovation Fund (i3) grant. FCS is completing the project in partnership with external partners and the University of Georgia. The $4.7 million in funding was awarded district in September 2010.  FCS is the only recipient in Georgia and one of twelve public school districts in the nation to be a grantee.

    Project Overview:
    Imagine the possibilities if a student who is struggling in mathematics had a personalized Learner Plan that through contributions from himself, his parents, support staff, and teachers provided a path for learning to address his individual needs. He logs into his school system role-based portal, providing him with a display of the most relevant data about his current math performance including a formative assessment taken earlier in the day.


    The data show that he has yet to master yesterday's standards and his teacher, after analysis of the data, has used her connection into the data system's Learning Marketplace to identify learning activities and resources to automatically populate his Learner Plan. These are immediately accessible for his use and to formulate a plan for his remediation of standards not mastered.


    FCS proposes to deploy such a system. This transformational system eclipses the current paradigm that results in silos of data, replacing it over time with a fully integrated system, extended to include standards-based learner plans and a content management system where activities and resources are matched to students' current performance level and individual learner characteristics. This system will be viewed in a user interface that engages learners as well as teachers, leaders, and parents.


    Project Partners:

    Forsyth County Schools (Lead), itslearning (External Partner), and University of Georgia (Evaluation)


    Project Goals:

    1) Increase student achievement and student growth as evidenced by reduction in numbers of high need students in subgroups and in total,

    2) Decrease dropout rate in subgroups and in total, and

    3) Increase graduation rate for high need students, students in subgroups and in total.

    Impact Report

    The i3 grant concluded on September 30, 2015. Please click here to view the final impact report from the University of Georgia.


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