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    As a component of the 2009-12 Strategic Plan, FCS staff discussed and evaluated the opportunity to consider an Investing in Educational Excellence (IE2) Partnership Contract. The district also studied whether a “system charter” process or IE2 Contract would be best suited for the students and staff. Based on the goals of the Strategic Plan, FCS determined that IE2 fit well within the realm of need for our district and provided a more timely opportunity being a process that could move along more quickly than the charter system model. The district received staff and parent feedback on the IE2 draft contract both online and at two public meetings. 

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    According to the Governor's Office, "IE2 allows for balanced local control, allowing officials closest to the students to make important decisions concerning their schools."

    "Under IE2 local school districts work with the Georgia Department of Educationand the Governor’s Office of Student Achievement to create a strategic plan that clearly identifies the flexibility sought from Georgia education laws, the accountability goals in addition to federal No Child Left Behind (NCLB) requirements the district is willing to accept at the school level in exchange for the flexibility, and the consequences that will be imposed upon the district for schools that do not reach their accountability goals."
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    **Forsyth Academy is a non-traditional charter school and is not included in the IE2  contract.