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The school opens at 7:10 for students and instruction begins promptly at 7:40. If your child arrives after 7:40 you will need to accompany him/her to the desk at the front entrance to sign him/her in. Please remember that three unexcused tardies equal an unexcused absence. If your child has to be absent you may call the school attendance line ( 770-887-1883 and listen for options). When your child returns to school please send in a written excuse or the absence will be counted as unexcused. Our day ends at 2:20. If your child's regular transportation changes in any way you must send a note in the morning.  I am not permitted to accept e-mails or phone calls for a transportation change. 
The office must approve the changes before your child may go home a different way. 
I am very sorry, but if I do not have a note he/she will go home the usual way.
Lunch /Ice Cream/Birthdays
If your child is buying lunch in the cafeteria, you may buy daily, weekly, or monthly. You also may pay online, and access your child's account by using their student I.D. number. Please send any cash in a plastic ziplock bag with your child's name and my name on the bag with the money. Ice cream may be purchased daily during lunch at a cost of 50 cents a day.  Pease send in ice cream money in a separate baggie from lunch money. 
If you would like to celebrate your child's birthday,  just let me know.  We'll have a treat in the room right after lunch on his or her special day:).
We will have a snack every afternoon around 1:00. Please send in something quick, easy, and fairly healthy.  Popcorn, pretzels, Goldfish, cheese, crackers, animal crackers and fruit are good choices. I like to keep extras on hand in case someone forgets their snack so donations of pretzels, Goldfish or animal crackers would be greatly appreciated. 
Many thanks! 
Volunteers are so important to our class.  Please sign up by clicking either the Mystery Reader or Volunteer link listed here on my web site. Thank you so very much for your help.
Daily Communication/Homework Folders
Responsibility will be emphasized this year, and your help will be necessary in this area.  Our Homework Folder will contain all sorts of information, notices, class work, and homework that will be sent home daily.  It is important that items are returned when required, so please go through this folder each evening.  If you have a note, lunch money or other information that I need to see, please send it in this folder. I will go through the folders each morning so money and notes will be sent to the appropriate places. All papers on the "stay at home side" should be taken out and kept at home. I will check the homework papers and they will usually be returned the next day with class work. Look for a newsletter on Fridays which will recap our week, and let you know what the week ahead has in store for us!
It is my belief that homework is essential in First Grade!  Study skills are developed and homework provides extra practice in many different areas, especially Math.  Please expect Reading and Math homework each school night (these assignments are based on the Forsyth County School Curriculum), and should take no more than 10-15 minutes each. If your child is spending more time on homework, please contact me. Homework will be sent home in your child's Homework Folder.  I do understand that there are occasions when homework may not be able to be completed so just send a note, and return assignments the next day! Also, your child should plan to read 20 minutes each evening in the readers that will be sent home throughout the year.  Our first ongoing Reading assignment will be to read the Dolch Word Lists and there are 11! List 1 will be included in the folder you will receive at Open House.  Students will proceed at their own pace until all lists are mastered!
Behavior Management
We have two basic rules in my classroom.  They are to be respectful and to follow directions!  At the beginning of the school year the students and I will discussrules for our class.  Each child will have a cowboy or cowgirl with a hat and their cowboy or cowgirl will remain up all day if the rules are followed.  After a verbal warning a child's cowboy or
cowgirl may come down but he or she has a chance to earn it back up!  Stickers, small treats, and going to the treasure basket are different rewards students may earn!  You will be informed of your child's behavior and progress via the weekly Conduct Form. This will go home on Friday and should be signed and returned on Monday!
Please feel free to get in touch with me the following ways:
call me at 770-887-1883, ext. 260362 or e-mail me at
I will return your calls or e-mails as quickly as possible.