Welcome to the Athletic Department Section!

Athletic Director: Todd Holbrook
Email Address: Phone number: 770-781-4889 ext. 290580
System Sports Equity Coordinator: Todd Shirley
Address: 1120 Dahlonga Highway Cumming, Ga 30040
Office Number: 770-887-2461

Should my child play multiple sports? Multiple Sport Answer
Permission Forms:
The following interscholastic team sports are currently offered for seventh and eighth graders:
  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Cheerleading
  • Track
  • Golf
Insurance Coverage:
The student must provide insurance coverage information on the physical/parent permission form (GHSA and County approved ONLY). If a family wishes to purchase student accident insurance for their child, a form can be obtained from the Athletic Office. The Forsyth County School District does not pay for medical expenses related to injury during competitions or practices. Personal insurance or purchased school insurance is required.  It is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to obtain the appropriate insurance coverage.
Physical Examination and Parent Permission:

The student must have on file, with the home school Athletic Office, the provided GHSA form (NO substitutes will be accepted) signed by his/her parents certifying that the student has permission to participate in the school athletic programs. Also, on this form will be the results of a physical examination conducted by a practicing physician, physician’s assistant or nurse practitioner. One examination per year is required and is conducted at the student’s expense.  It is strongly recommended that all athletes obtain physicals during the scheduled time provided through the High Schools or Middle Schools. Forms are available at the Forsyth County Athletic webpage.  Students must file with the Athletic Office a parent permission form, proof of insurance, and a physical exam prior to taking part in any school-sponsored practice or clinic/camp. Additional forms may be required.  Physicals that expire in the middle of any sport season will be considered expired prior to its beginning.


1. https://www.well-beingsga.com/services
2. Click on group services 

3. Select the option of "Liberty Middle School Sports Physicals"

4. Follow through the prompts for paying and booking 

5. If any questions, email wellbeingsga@gmail.com

Required Physical Form  : All physicals must be completed by a doctor on this form to be able to participate in Forsyth County Athletics
Concussion Management Consent Form: A parent concussion management consent must accompany the physical examination form and required participation/insurance forms.
Required Participation and Insurance Form: All participation forms must be completed and turned in with physicals to participate in Forsyth County Athletics
County Rules and Guidelines: These are the specific rules, guidelines, and requirements of all sports, coaches, and players for Forsyth County Athletics.

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