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    Three ways to connect and interact with FCS!

    To reach individuals through social networking Forsyth County Schools created a public page on Facebook in 2009. Facebook is free to users once an account is created. To receive FCS updates on your wall you must "like" the district's page. Please note that facebook pages may contain commercial advertising that is not endorsed by FCS.
    Twitter (Close to 18,000 followers @
    FCS was one of the first school districts in the nation to reach stakeholders by "tweeting." The system's free Twitter account is linked to the district's Facebook page. Twitter users who choose to follow the district will receive updates or “tweets” on their Twitter home page. Twitter is free to use over the web, but using text messaging may incur phone services provider fees.
    School Media Sites
    Big Creek ES    test   twitter  
    Brookwood ES
       facebook   twitter
    Chattahoochee ES    facebook   twitter
    Chestatee ES
     facebook   twitter
    Coal Mountain ES
     facebook   twitter
    Cumming ES     facebook   twitter
    Daves Creek ES     facebook   twitter
    Forsyth Academy     facebook   twitter
    Forsyth Central HS    facebook   twitter
    Haw Creek ES       
    Johns Creek ES
       facebook   twitter
    Kelly Mill ES    facebook   twitter
    Lakeside MS
     facebook   twitter
    Lambert HS    facebook   twitter
    Liberty MS
     facebook   twitter
    Little Mill MS
     facebook   twitter
    Mashburn ES      facebook   twitter
    Matt ES    facebook   twitter
    Midway ES    facebook   twitter
    North Forsyth HS    facebook   twitter
    North Forsyth MS
     facebook   twitter
    Otwell MS
       facebook   twitter
    Piney Grove MS    facebook   twitter
    Riverwatch MS
    Sawnee ES   
     facebook   twitter
    Settles Bridge ES
     facebook   twitter
    Sharon ES     facebook   twitter
    Shiloh Point ES    facebook   twitter
    Silver City ES
     facebook   twitter
    South Forsyth HS     facebook   twitter
    South Forsyth MS
     facebook   twitter
    Vickery Creek ES    facebook   twitter
    Vickery Creek MS
     facebook   twitter
    West Forsyth HS
     facebook   twitter
    Whitlow ES    facebook   twitter


    The Public Information and Communications Department has selected three social media vehicles to communicate with stakeholders: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. District departments will not establish separate social media sites, but will instead be trained and utilize the district’s social media sites.


    The Public Information and Communications Department has created Facebook and Twitter pages for all Forsyth County schools. Pages will be activated (“live”) at the direction of the school principal.


    For branding consistency, Public Information and Communications has created the pages with:

    ·         An established name and shortened url*

    ·         The school logo as the profile picture*

    ·         Basic school information (address, phone number, website address, etc.)

    ·         Comments policy*

    ·         Important links

    *School-level page administrators may not modify these items.


    School principals may manage the Facebook and Twitter pages and/or they can designate other staff members to lead and/or share this responsibility. Schools may not remove pre-established administrative rights of Public Information and Communications staff members to their pages.


    When posting information on Facebook or Twitter, schools staff are encouraged to post notes, photos, links, videos, etc. that highlight or showcase your students, staff and schools. A good rule of thumb is if the information is posted on the school website, and included in school newsletters or announcements, then it can replicated on social media sites.