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    Gifted Education

    It is the belief of the Forsyth County Schools that all students have the right to develop their talents and abilities to the fullest. Embodied in this belief is the commitment to gifted and talented students who possess learning characteristics and needs that differ from those of their chronological peers.  The mission of gifted education is to maximize the potential of gifted and talented students by providing programs and services that accommodate these differences, including curriculum responsive to individual learning rates, styles, and complexity. Identification and eligibility procedures are established through guidance from the Georgia Department of Education. 
    Referrals for Gifted Screening: There are 2 different methods for referring a student for gifted services screening.
    • Referrals from individuals (I.e. parents & teachers) may be made at any time and will require the completion of a referral worksheet of observed student characteristics demonstrating the need for enriched/advanced instruction.  Referrals from individuals are submitted to the school Gifted Evaluation Team for screening to determine if there is evidence to support testing for gifted eligibility.  Individuals do not refer directly to testing.  Individuals refer for screening.  
    • Automatic referrals result from school-wide full grade level administration of a nationally normed assessment of mental ability or achievement.  Students who score in the eligibility range for the school-wide full grade level administered test are screened further for gifted eligibility.  
    In order to better facilitate student testing for gifted program services, the following testing windows for administering the ITBS and CogAT have been implemented for the 2013-2014 school year. All Forsyth County Schools will follow the gifted program testing schedule below.  All CogAT, ITBS and TTCT tests will be sent to the testing companies for professional scoring.  The professional scoring of gifted tests may take up to 12 weeks for processing and official results.  
    FCS administers state approved tests for gifted eligibility. The tests administered adhere to the State of Georgia Board of Education Policy, 160-4-2-.38, having been reviewed for bias and are normed on a nationally representative sample with respect to race, religion, national origin, sex, disabilities, and economic background within a 10-year period prior to administration. In accordance with Professional Standards Commission Educator Code of Ethics assessment regulations, test security will be maintained among all levels of test administration. Test security measures include that other than the name of the evaluation instrument, further information will not be shared about gifted eligibility assessments with regard to form, section, or level.  


    CogAT and ITBS testing for gifted eligibility will only occur within the windows below:


    Testing Window

    Gr 1-12

    Transfer Students who have evidence of former gifted/advanced program placement;  Incomplete referrals from spring 2013          

    Aug 8-23, 2013

    Gr 1-12

    New Referrals and transfers

    Sept 16, 2013 to 

    Oct 17, 2013

    Gr K-11

    New Referrals and transfers

    Mar 3 - 25, 2013

    *Transfer students from out of state must have official documentation of former gifted program eligibility before they will be automatically referred to the Gifted Evaluation Team.   

    Georgia Association for Gifted Children
    International Baccalaureate Program
    STEM Academy

    For information on Forsyth County Schools' Science curriculum, contact the Director of Academic Standards, Dr. Kelly Price (770.887.2461 ext. 202257).