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Kim Bolivar

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Fast Facts about EIP:


EIP= Early Intervention Program

Who qualifies: EIP is a program offered to help children who are not working at grade level.
EIP classes re-teach, reinforce, and give extra practice in Math and Reading standards.
EIP is taught in addition to regular classroom instruction.
EIP teachers work with the teachers to support skills being taught and offer assistance with parent conferences.
EIP students are served daily.
Students who qualify for Math and Reading are served 2 segments a day.
EIP instruction does not take the place of classroom instruction. 
Students must be present for grade-level content.
 Classroom teachers assign grades.
However, students will spend a portion of their Reading and/or Math time with Homeroom teachers, and a portion of their time in EIP segments to support their academic progress.


Bienvenido a la pagina de ESOL!
Bienvenu a la page de ESOL!

Fast Facts about ESOL

 ESOL= English Speakers of Other Languages
ESOL is available to students whose first language is not English.
We serve students in K-5 at Haw Creek.
Students are identified by Home Language Surveys and eligible based on W-APT, MODEL, or ACCES screenings.
Our classes are fun-filled and language-rich using a standards-based curriculum incorporating technology to support English proficiency.
ESOL classes are 45minutes long in grades K-3 and 50 minutes long in grades 4-5 and are taught daily.
ESOL students work with their ESOL teacher for one or more class periods.
ESOL teachers use simplified language, physical activities, visual aids, virtual experiences, "realia," tiered vocabulary lessons, and peer groupings to create an optimal language learning environment for concept development.
ESOL and classroom teachers collaborate to support English Language Learners academic success.
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