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    Compensation and Benefits

    FCS compensation and benefits programs are managed carefully. Regular assessments of jobs and pay practices are performed to ensure pay levels meet targets for marketplace competitiveness and are equitable within the district. Benefit plans are also frequently reviewed to make certain each plan and the overall program effectively address the needs of employees and their families.
    Who is covered?
    Individuals must be employed at least 50 percent time to be eligible for benefits. Substitutes, After-School Program Workers, temporary and seasonal employees are not eligible for any benefits.
    The FCS employee benefits program is excellent and exceeds the essentials. The program‘s overall design is intended to enhance employees’ health and financial security. The overall program has two primary facets:

    Traditional Benefits

    From Health Insurance to Long Term Disability, the FCS plans help protect financial security as well as assist with other needs and events of life. (See link below for more information)

    Growth & Development 

    From a progressive program of individual performance assessment to direct help with professional-development, FCS provides a broad range of programs to help employees achieve their professional potential. (See link below for more information)

    Benefits/Payroll Personnel Information 2016-2017


    Last Modified on August 23, 2016