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    NEW! Constructing Strategic Plan 2013-16




    After completing two very successful Strategic Plans, FCS spent a year constructing a new plan to guide the system from 2009 to 2012. Based on feedback from thousands of students, parents, staff and community members, the new Strategic Plan: Dream it. Plan it. Do it!, is moving FCS from being among the best to being the BEST! The goals, objectives and metrics for the new plan provide the foundation to which all activities and resources will be aligned to achieve our system's vision.
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    2009-12 Strategic Plan Goals:
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    Goal #1: Increase all student achievement while expanding educational opportunities
       2009-10 Evidence


    Goal #2: Recruit, develop and retain a highly qualified workforce.


    Goal #3: Enhance educational programs through increased community involvement.

       2009-10 Evidence
      2010-11 Evidence (NEW!)
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    Goal #4: Communicate effectively both internally and externally.

    Goal #5: Pursue and secure alternate funding and resources while maximizing operational efficiency.

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