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Making Books


Main Idea

Create a Flip Book

Comic Strip Creator Online

Comic Strip Templates

How to Create Your Own eBook

Story Builder

Story Plan 

Story Plan 1 of 2 

Story Plan 2 of 2

Story Plan: Create A Story

Story Planner

Story Planner Printout 

Story Planner 

Story Writing Check List


 Create Your Own Character

Character Trading Cards



 Main Idea 

The Main Idea

Get The Idea

Identify Main Idea

Identify Main Idea




Reading Misc.

Other Story Elements

Story Plant

Ace Writing

Bibliographic Planning Sheet  


Bio-Cube Planning Sheet    

Biography Maker Online

 Check list for Writing

Complete Sentences: How to Make Them

 Descriptive Writing

Five Areas of Writing

Forms of Poetry

Friendly and Business Letter Formats

Get Writing 

Handy Guide for Writing Five Paragraphs

Historic Tale Construction Kit 

How to Make Complete Sentences

How to Write a BibliographyHow to Write a Research Paper

How to Write an Essay

Instant Poetry and Writing Forms

Interactive Acrostic Poem

Interactive Printing Press

Letter Generator

Notepaper Online 

Paragraph Check List 

Peer Editing Checklist

Self or Peer Editing Forms 

Six Traits Of Writing Writing Lab

Student Writing Self-Check List 

Tips for Writing Essays

Typing Tutor Online


Write-O-Matic Writing Tips

Writing with Writers 

Writing Workshop 

Young Authors' Workshop


The Literacy Center

Learn to Read

It's Fun to Read!

I'm Reading!

Words that Rhyme 

The Ace Detectives

Wise Wizard Game

Guessing Game


Got Questions - Got Answers

Persuasive Language

Arthur's Story Scramble

Simon Says 

Parts of a Book game

Who am I?

Library Skills 

Hide-N-Seek in the Library

Nanw's Great Adventure

Dewey Decimal Game

Parts of a Book



Matching Squares

A Fishy Story

Dig It!


Point of View 

Drawing conclusions 

Sequencing Games

Story Elements For Kids



Fact or Opinion 

Fact or Opinion

Mystery Cube Story Elements

Sequencing Activities Games

Order Me Around

Deduction (order of events)

Making Predictions (Digger the Dog)

Sports Prediction Game

Soccer Prediction Game

Halloween Fortune Telling

Travel Summarizing Game 

Cause & Effect Puzzle

Reading Exercises

Guess the Setting


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