Children should read at least 20 minutes every day!
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      Media Center 411:

    The SCES Media Center is the literacy hub of our amazing school.  It supports our curriculum, integrates informational literacy skills, promotes literature appreciation, and serves the personalized needs of students and teachers. The media center is an information center that has traditional print materials such as books and reference materials, as well as current technology resources.


    Flexible scheduling:

    Our schedule allows students in kindergarten through fifth grade to come to the media center anytime during the school day, independently, in small groups, or as a class. There are no fixed schedules. This allows students to have open access to the media center as their curricular needs warrant and as their schedules allow.

    Hours of Operation:

    7:50-3:30 Monday - Friday


    Check Out Procedures:

    • Kindergartners may check out one book for up to two weeks.
    • 1st-5th grade may check out up to two books for up to two weeks. Books may be returned and exchanged for other books prior to the due date. 
    • Magazines: Second-fifth grade students may check out one magazine for one day.
      • Fines
        Students are not charged a fine for overdue books. However, if a student has an overdue book, he/she will not be able to check out another book until the overdue book is returned.
      • Lost and Damaged Books
        • Lost Books: When a student has lost a book or returns a book that has been damaged, they are responsible for the replacement cost of the book. Refunds are not given for lost/damaged books that are returned. 
        • Damaged Books:  Books are frequently damaged by liquid or water exposure from leaky water bottles (often in book bags) or other water damage, food, writing on pages or the cover, pet damage and torn pages.
Last Modified on June 25, 2019