• Our Media Center at Chattahoochee Elementary!!
    Media Specialist:  Michelle Smith
    Office Phone:  770-781-2240 ext. 150136
    Media Hours for students:  7:10 am -2:15 pm
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     Public Library
    Our Media Center is home to over 15,000 books .  We are constantly updating our collection with award winning book and student and teacher picks.    There are 18 computers that students have access to throughout the day.  During this time our Media Center is Under Construction!  We are transforming into a 21st century learning environment for your children to enjoy!  
    During our library orientaion, students learn many media center rules about how to care for a book.  With you and your child's help, we can work together to keep great literature in the hands of the children. 
    • Always handle books with clean hands.
    • Never mark or write in library books.
    • Be careful turning pages so they don't wrinkle or tear.
    • Keep your library books away from food and drink.
    • Keep your library books clean and dry.
    • Keep library books away from pets and little brothers/sisters.
    • Carry your library books in your bookbag.
    • Keep your books in a special place at home so they stay safe.
    • Return books on time so others can read them.

    Students in grades 1-4 are allowed to check out two books for one week, students in 5th grade may check out 2 books for 2 weeks, and students in kindergarten are allowed one book for a week.

    We look forward to another wonderful year helping our students continue with their love and excitement of reading!!



Last Modified on October 26, 2021