Welcome to the Science Department at Riverwatch!


    • 6th grade science:  The purpose of this class is to prepare our students for success in high school science classes.  Topics covered this year are Meteorology - the study of the atmosphere; Geology - the study of the solid Earth; Oceanography - the study of the ocean; and Astronomy - the study of the physical things beyond Earth.  We will have hands on activities in class, outdoor activities and labs, in-class labs, and Internet simulations. 


    • 7th grade science:  The purpose of this class is to give students the necessary skills for a smooth transition from elementary life science standards to high school biology standards.  It gives the students an overview of common strands in life science including diversity of living organisms, structure and function of cells, heredity, ecosystems, and biological evolution.  Seventh grade students keep records of their observations and use those records to analyze the data they collect.  They use observations to explain diversity of living organisms and how they are classified and students will explore human anatomy through the use of hands-on activities. 


    • 8th grade science High School Credit:  The science curriculum taught in the high school credit course covers Georgia Performance Standards of Excellence for the high school level Physical Science standards.  Students are taught an overview and introduction to Chemistry in the first semester and Physics in the second semester. which include the nature of matter, laws of energy, matter, motion and forces and energy transformation, and chemistry.  Successful completion of the course will earn one high school credit of required Physical Science on their high school transcript.

    6th Grade Science Team

    Sara Sterner

    Chris Walden

    Marie Schlich 

    Mauralyn Monroe

    7th Grade Science Team

    Tim Mack

    Brandy Pittman

    Anne Hicks

    Laura Poole

    8th Grade Science Team

    Rabun Hunziker

    Dena Cook

    Phinzy Spalding

    Chelsea Jacoby




Last Modified on December 1, 2020