Welcome to the Social Studies Department at Riverwatch!


    The Social Studies curriculum at RMS takes our students around the world to learn about the geography, history, government and economics of different countries and cultures. 

    Each grade level integrates writing, evaluates primary and secondary sources of information, incorporates multimedia presentations, interprets graphs, utilizes map skills and differentiates learning for the individual student.

    6th grade - discovers Europe, North America, South America and Australia   

    7th grade - explores the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

    8th grade - connects Georgia state history and its relation to the United States' history.




     ** Links for access to digital textbooks can be found on the Student Classlink page.


    6th Grade Social Studies Team

    Samantha Fuller

    Debra Thomson

    Sara Sterner 

    Sheryne McConnell

    Carrissa Bull

    7th Grade Social Studies Team

    Lindsey Burnsed 

    Keith Kulikowski

    Molly Weatherford

    Christina Okland

    8th Grade Social Studies Team

    Trey Frilot

    Michelle Smith

    Josh Osolnik

    Debra Rhoad

Last Modified on December 1, 2020