The mission of the Poole's Mill Elementary School counseling program is to provide support and guidance to all students as a means to foster academic success, college and career preparation, and personal/social development.


    In order to implement this mission successfully, we follow the developmental model of guidance and counseling:

    • The basis of a developmental guidance program is that the social and emotional development of children is a process of growth that changes all the time.
    • The program is available to all students.
    • It believes that all students have a capacity to learn and to be supported academically.
    • It believes that children who are aware of themselves and their needs will make responsible choices for themselves.
    • It believes that every child is unique and special!

    We follow the American School Counselor Association's Mindsets & Behaviors for Student Success: K-12 College and Career Readiness Standards for Every Student.

    Please click the link below to view the document showing a complete listing of the 35 mindset and behavior standards.

    Mindsets & Behavior

    As the school counselors, We will work within the school to provide:

    • Classroom guidance lessons on a variety of topics such as social skills, getting along with others, making choices, anger management, safety, following school rules, study skills, career education, and much more.
    • Group counseling with small groups of children with similar concerns such as self-concept, anger management, peer relations, etc.
    • Individual Counseling 
    • Assistance to parents and teachers when students are having academic, behavioral, emotional, or social difficulties.
    • Referrals to school and community agencies.
    • We encourage you to share family concerns that might be affecting your child at school. We look forward  to helping you and your family.