Welcome to Piney Grove Middle School!                                       ELA

    At Piney Grove Middle School, our Language Arts curriculum is based upon the Georgia Standards of Excellence (GSE), with an overall focus on literary and informational reading and writing, media literacy, listening, speaking, viewing, and grammar skills. Our dedicated teachers use a myriad of resources to teach those standards.   The  FCS ELA Curriculum teams have created pacing and curriculum guides that incorporate a number of resources including our consumable textbook MyPerspectives by Pearson. Students have access to this textbook using the Classlink app.    At any given time, you may discover students reading novels, reciting poetry, participating in reader's theaters, comparing text to media, working in small collaborative groups on projects,  designing media presentations to reveal research findings, or even using cheers to help remember sentence structure! Our goal is to develop life-long readers, writers, and thinkers who are ready for college and/or a career! All grade levels use the writing process as the foundation for the teaching of writing. The different types of writing (descriptive, narrative, argumentative, and informational) are emphasized through a variety of texts and assignments. Students read a broad range of literature, including informational passages, short stories, poems, novels, dramas, current event texts, and essays. In addition, the students' use of technology enhances the language arts curriculum.

    To assist your scholar in this Language Arts endeavor, please be sure to see your child's course syllabus for more detailed information about units of study.  For more detailed information about weekly lesson plans, be sure to visit your child's ELA itslearning page. If you have any questions concerning pacing or curriculum guides, please contact your child's teacher.   

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