•       At  Piney Grove Middle School, the faculty and staff believe in setting high academic expectations for every student, and that every student should have opportunities for success. In order to provide the environment for student success, we are all committed to collaborate while utilizing our combined resources to meet the individual needs of our exceptional students. The highly qualified faculty at Piney Grove addresses the needs of our students with disabilities through small group, co-teaching and supportive academic instruction, innovative uses of technology, research and evidence-based strategies and a genuine compassion for the special needs of each individual student.
          The administration and leadership at Piney Grove ensure each Individualized Education Program (IEP) is in compliance with state and federal mandates, and that each student is being served in the Least Restrictive Environment (LRE).  This year, we are serving our students with disabilities in specialized classrooms, small group classes, co-taught classes, supportive instruction classes, and general education classes.

          We at Piney Grove Middle School sincerely believe that our students with disabilities are more than capable of being high achievers, and we are committed to provide the support necessary to help them reach their goals. 



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