Welcome to the Science Department at Piney Grove Middle School!

        Our Piney Grove Science program is energetic and compelling.  Our science teachers use a variety of teaching techniques and tools such as online interactive software (Phet, Sci Links, BrainPop and science based apps), hands-on labs, demonstrations, research, and projects in all of our science classes.  We will concentrate this year on teaching students how to use the lab writing process in science as they conduct experiments.  Each grade focuses on a different aspect of science.  Our students in the sixth grade focus on Earth Science.  They will take a look at our ever changing planet through the study of hydrology, geology, and meteorology.  They will also look far beyond our world through the study of astronomy.  To see a list of the sixth grade Georgia Standards, click here (Sixth Grade Standards). 
        Life science is the main focus in the seventh grade. Units of study include cells, genetics, human biology, and ecosystems.  For a list of the seventh grade Georgia Standards, click here (Seventh Grade Standards).  The highlight for many students in seventh grade is a dissection that will be incorporated with the appropriate unit.
        The eighth grade curriculum will focus on physical science standards for both the eighth grade and high school.  The common strands in Physical Science include the Nature of Matter, Energy Transformations , Force and Motion, the Nature of Waves (including sound and light), as well as Gravity, Electricity, and Magnetism.  For a list of the Georgia Physical Science standards, click here (Physical Science Standards).