Total Wellness

Listen, Connect & Mobilize!


    TWC Vision: Mobilizing the community of Forsyth

    to support the growth and success of all learners

    to lead a balanced and successful life.

    As we bring awareness to current wellness topics and trends in Forsyth, we also want to validate and normalize the challenges of raising families in today’s society. The TWC hopes to collaborate with families and professionals in the community to share what resources and opportunities are here in Forsyth as well as look at gaps and needs...a message for hope and encouragement.

    Total Wellness Collaborative is here to LISTEN, CONNECT & MOBILIZE!

    Our Growth Model comprises of eight attributes of wellness. The TWC community impact groups look at each attribute and gather information from the community on resources and opportunities in those areas.

    TWC Growth Model

    Our Growth Model of Communication:

    • Engage students, family & community
    • “ALL IN” monthly challenges through social media
    • Web based host of resources (parent toolbox link)
    • Information & collaboration efforts 

    Community Agencies and Businesses are also engaging in this collaborative movement. 

    For more information, feel free to contact Co-Chairs of the Total Wellness Collaborative:

    Katie Newman or Lindsey Simpson