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  • Denmark 21-22 COVID Positive Reporting Form

    You will find links under the forms tab to commonly needed school action plans and medication forms. Please make sure you have updated all forms for the current school year. Georgia law requires a signed medication administration form including a Dr.'s signature be kept on file in the clinic in order to properly care and treat your child.

    It is never a bad idea to keep over counter medications in the clinic for headache/cramps, antiacid for stomach aches, and any other medication your child may need to stay healthy throughout the school day.   

    Students who carry an Epi Pen or Inhalers are still required to have a form on file in the clinic in order for them to carry the medication on them. Please check the form tab for the link to the appropriate form for the child's medication, complete it and send it to the school nurse.  

    Please notify the school nurse with any health concerns that may need attention while your child is attending school.


Denmark Danes

Nurse Lisa Vazquez


    Because there is great demand for the clinic there is a huge need for supplies. The following are always greatly appreciated: