The foundation of MTSS is strong Tier 1 instruction. THRIVE meets student needs because it requires
    that we consider the learner-the individual strengths and weaknesses that each student brings to the
    table - as part of a pre-planning process. Our planning should be grounded not in content or in
    activities, but instead in what our data tells us regarding where our students are, what they bring, and
    what they may need additional support in order to master the learning targets.



    Time is set up at each grade level for students to forecast for the upcoming week.

    Teachers help by conferencing, guiding, and suggesting activities that students may need or like.

    How can I help my student sign up?

    Log into Classlink. Select the Flex (FlexTime Manager) icon. Several choices are prepopulated for the students and many are grade level specific. However, if you select join activity, a larger list of activities appears. Some are grayed out and thus are not an option.

    Where is my child during THRIVE? 

    If you log into Classlink. Select the Flex (FlexTime Manager) icon, click your child’s schedule on the left. You will see what they have selected.

    You cannot override your child’s choice.

    You can look at options with your child before they forecast. Ask them what day they do this. You can also contact your child’s homeroom teacher or the specific teacher who your child may need more assistance in. You can also reach out to the teacher offering a session (passions/interest, project-based learning, arts, clubs) your child may be interested in. If the session is full and it is not a high academic priority, they will need to wait until that session has an opening on a future date.

    I have a 6th grader and an 8th grader, why are their choices different?

    We have curated selections on each grade level that appeal to students of all abilities in that age range. The teachers have selected passions and interests, projects, academic supports, and activities that meet the needs of that grade level. Clubs and connections have multi-grade opportunities.

    Where can I find a concise list of Humanities or STEM options?

    You can go to our school website, select student support,and scroll down to THRIVE.


    My child loved a project-based learning (PBL) session, but wasn’t able to get in?

    The sessions are offered twice a year, based on interest. We need at least 20 students.

    My child does not like their project-based learning (PBL) session, how can they get out?

    The sessions are 4 ½ weeks long to dive into the project. Please contact the teacher offering the session to discuss some of your student’s concerns. The sessions can be highly personalized. If they participate in BLANK sessions and lose interest or need academic support in another area we can modify it.

    My child is always in academic support or interventions for THRIVE and never gets to explore clubs, projects, or their passions and interests.

    Please reach out to your homeroom teacher. They can conference with the student, other teachers, support staff offering interventions, and the grade level counselor to make a more balanced weekly schedule for our student.

    Will my child receive Individualized Education Plan (IEP) accommodations in THRIVE?

    Our case managers have access to their students' schedules and can review the choices made for THRIVE in the homeroom. If your child’s homeroom teacher is not their case manager, you can loop everyone into one email. You can also reach out to the teacher offering the session (seen in Flex app in Classlink) using our staff directory (top right on our website).

    How do the teachers offering THRIVE sessions find out about my student’s health concerns?

    You should reach out to the teacher offering the session (seen in Flex app in Classlink) using our staff directory (top right on our website). You can also reach out to the THRIVE session teacher to make sure that your child advocates their needs.

    We need to check out?

    Our checkout procedures end at 3:30 pm so please arrive by 3:20 in case there is a line. Please review our 2023-2024 Bell Schedule.