About Our Programs

  • Who Are We?

    The Forsyth County Education is an opportunity for the community to partner with Forsyth County Schools (FCS) to foster innovation for increased student achievement by unifying resources, not ordinarily provided by the district’s operating budget.

    As the 6th largest district in Georgia, FCS serves 51,500+ students representing 124 countries and 52 languages. Since 2010, FCS has grown 43%! We are home to 41 schools – 22 elementary, 11 middle, 7 high, and 1 college and career high school. In 2022, we will open 1 new school.

    What Do We Do?

    Grants: All schools and district departments may apply annually each fall for a grant. They are awarded, Publisher Clearing House Style, on #FoundationFriYAY!  We have funded programs in the areas of STEM/STEAM, Social Emotional Learning, literacy, fine arts, mental health and more!  

     Total Impact in Four Years: $355,000 in grants impacting 75,976 students!

    We are thankful for our success, however, annually we have more grant requests from our schools than available grant funding. 

    Scholarships for Students and Staff: Have a scholarship or want to establish a scholarship to make a difference in a student or staff member’s life? We take care of the application and marketing, and, if you so choose, even the selection and presentation. Scholarships are wonderful ways to honor loved ones!


    A fund of the North Georgia Community Foundation