• Order your Lakeside yearbook here . The yearbook costs $48.  

    Picture requests

    We will frequently request that students upload pictures for various spreads. If you are interested in having your photo considered for the yearbook when we send out requests, please go to lakesideyearbook.com and click on the “Share your Photos” box. After you upload, it will ask for your email address, your child’s name, grade and a description. Please tell us where the photo was taken and the names of any friends who are also in the picture.
    Promotional materials
    Some postcards and flyers sent out by Jostens will have a different website than the one I typically advertise (lakesideyearbook.com is just easier to remember so I use it). You can order a yearbook from either link, but if you choose jostens.com/2024yearbook PLEASE make sure you choose Lakeside Middle in Cumming, GA. If you use lakesideyearbook.com it will take you directly to our school's ordering page. This link works as well LAKESIDE MIDDLE SCHOOL CUMMING, GA | Jostens All of these options will get you a yearbook.
    Ordering the yearbook early gets you the best price. As you wait throughout the year, the yearbook price increases.  So, order early. After February, there is no guarantee you'll be able to order a yearbook.
    Tribute Ads for 8th graders
    Once the deadline comes, there is no ability to order a tribute ad. The deadline is Nov. 10th, but the earlier your order the better deal you get. So if you order by Sept. 10th, you get the lowest price. There is an additional price increase before a third price increase. So, as with anything yearbook, the earlier you order the better price you will get. 


    Please note that fall yearbook pictures are typically submitted for publishing in November and these are the only portraits that will be included in the yearbook. 

    We make every effort to include as many students as possible in the yearbook. The staff of 8th graders is excited to begin this adventure. The more events we have and the more a student participates, the more likely he/she is to be in random pictures throughout the book.