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    Denmark High School (DHS) Parking Rules and Regulations

    1. Parking on the DHS campus is a privilege granted by the DHS administration based on the proper purchase of a DHS parking permit from the school. The DHS administration has the authority to grant or revoke this privilege at its discretion.
    2. All vehicles parked on the DHS campus or any designated school area are subject to search at any time by the DHS Administration. Searches may be conducted without the owner's consent, notice, or a search warrant.
    3. DHS is not responsible for vandalism, theft, or damage to any vehicle parked on the DHS campus. Students should always take the necessary precautions to prevent loss of their vehicle and its contents by keeping the vehicle locked, not giving the keys to anyone else, and not leaving valuable items inside the vehicle while on campus. 
    4. The DHS parking permit may only be used by the person to whom it was issued and may not be copied, shared with or sold to another student. 
    5. The DHS administration must be notified immediately if the purchaser of a parking permit changes vehicles during the school year. 
    6. The parking tag must always be properly attached on to the rear view mirror of the vehicle. STUDENTS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO DRIVE TO CAMPUS THE DAY THEY PICK UP THEIR PASS.
    7. Vehicles must be parked properly in an assigned student parking area. Each student will be assigned a parking spot. Any student who does not park in their assigned parking spot risks being towed and/or having their parking privileges revoked.
    8. Students may not park in faculty-designated areas during school hours. Students parking improperly, in the faculty parking lot, in the bus lane, in visitor designated spaces, in restricted or reserved zones, or in non-registered vehicles, can be booted, fined, have their parking permit revoked, and have their vehicle towed at the students' expense without prior notification. 
    9. No loitering in the parking lot. Once students arrive at school, they must report to the building immediately. Students may not re-enter the parking lot during the day without written permission from an administrator or a checkout pass from the attendance office.
    10. Horn blowing, tire squealing, fast starts, loud mufflers, and excessive noise are not allowed in the parking lot at any time before and after school hours. 
    11. During the school day and during school-sponsored activities, the Denmark Parking Lot is considered a part of the Denmark High School Campus. All school rules and regulations for both locations must be observed.

    The DHS administration will suspend and/or permanently revoke parking privileges for the following:

    1-Failure to follow DHS Parking Rules and Regulations

    2-Traffic violations/Speeding (10 mph limit), reckless driving, horseplay involving an automobile, or other driving violations within the school zone as determined by the DHS administration or local law enforcement 

    • Traffic Violations Include:
      • Driving too fast for conditions, reckless driving, improper parking, or parking without a decal
      • Any behavior that may cause an accident or injury
      • Vehicles may be towed at the owner’s expense


    First Offense:  1 Day ISS and/or loss of parking privileges for a week

    Second Offense: 3 Days ISS and/or loss of parking privileges for two weeks

    Third Offense:  3 Days OSS and/or loss of parking privileges for a semester

    *Suspension may be imposed for serious violations. Law enforcement may be notified as deemed necessary.

    *Illegal substances such as alcohol, tobacco products, lighters, matches, drugs, drug paraphernalia, weapons, gang symbols/literature may not be in any vehicle on school property.  This includes glove compartments, consoles, trunks and all other areas of the vehicle.  The school administration has the right to search all areas of your vehicle when on school property.  

    3-Attendance, Disciplinary & Academic Reasons, including but not limited to: accumulation of unexcused tardies or check-outs to school, failing grades, leaving the DHS campus during the school day without permission, skipping or failing to follow proper check in/out procedures, transporting another DHS student off campus who does not have permission or failing to follow proper check in/out procedures

    Attendance and Grades:

    • Students who drive to school are expected to maintain regular attendance.
    • You have to be at school on time. Once you arrive, you are expected to park and go directly into the building. There is no waiting in the car.
    • Students who are failing any course risk losing their IE2 privileges and/or driving privileges.


    • Students who have IE2 and are failing and/or have attendance issues in a course will lose their IE2 privileges. If the behavior continues, they will lose their parking privileges as well.
    • Students with five or more tardies/unexcused absences will receive a warning/parent contact
    • Students with 10 or more tardies/unexcused absences will have their parking passes revoked for a week.
    • Students with 16 or more tardies/unexcused absences will have their parking passes revoked for a month.
    • Students with 20 or more tardies/unexcused absences will have their parking pass revoked for a semester. If the semester is near the end, Administration will determine the length of time. Tardies/Unexcused absences start over at the start of a new semester

    *Parents and students please review the school’s handbook concerning attendance. There are other consequences correlated with your child’s attendance, leading to each stage previously discussed. The progression of discipline increases as your child’s tardies/unexcused absences increase.

     4-Violations of the FCSS Code of Conduct resulting in Out of School Suspension


    Students will be charged $135 for a new parking tag that was lost/stolen prior to 1st semester final exam week. Students will be charged $75 for a new parking tag that was lost/stolen anytime during the 2nd semester.

    By submitting my electronic parking pass form, I confirm that I have read and understand that student parking on the Denmark High School campus is a privilege, not a right. I understand that this privilege will be revoked if the rules and/or instructions given by school officials are not followed. I also understand that keeping my grades at a satisfactory level and my attendance (tardies, absences, skipping) is a condition for parking on the campus, and those privileges will be revoked at the end of each semester if my grades drop below the guidelines or my attendance becomes an issue as stated in the rules above. NOTE: All vehicles parked on the DHS campus are subject to being searched by school officials. Students will be held responsible for ALL contents of their vehicle. There will be no reimbursement for lost decals, confiscated decals, or withdrawals for any reason.